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18th watercolour #Jan30in30 – El Salto Mare in progress

January 23, 2015

for the January 30in30 Challenge

Wanting to keep up, but I know that it’s all about the painting each and every day that matters.

One I started before but knew to quit when it was flowing the way I wanted.  I’ve learned most of the time to just put them aside for the time being.

I really want my paintings to stay fresh and vibrant with life and color.  I took this shot and wanted to create a watercolor of this amazing white mare under the El Salto Mountain outside of Taos New Mexico from the git-go.

El Salto Mare in progress

El Salto Mare in progress

I began to see with mine own eyes, watercolour in progress

I began to see with mine own eyes, watercolour in progress

I even wrote a poem and sold a print of this one.


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propsero ano neuvo/ prosperous year new

Happy New Year



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Horses, roses and bokeh on {Friday Finds}

July 21, 2013
Summertime Color of New Mexico by CheyAnne Sexton

Summertime Color of New Mexico by CheyAnne Sexton





New Mexico can be so magical and sweet.

I thought this perfect for Friday Finds out of Kim Klassen’s blog.

Some of you may remember a post I did, last fall I think, of this White Mare.  I call her my El Salto Pony, from the big gorgeous mountain that she lives under.  If not here is the link to check her out in her autumn finery.

I am so blessed to have all I have in my life. I appreciate each and everyone of you who comes and visits,  even if just for a moment in your day.  I hope you say hello.

Peace n Abundance,


My Equine Spirit WaterColour Collection

June 20, 2012
Costilla Pony

Costilla Pony


"Sugar" in the Apple Orchard Meadow

“Sugar” in the Apple Orchard Meadow


"Taos Morgan Black Stallion"

“Taos Morgan Black Stallion”


all getting framed up and hopefully photographed for my first art gallery show all about HORSES, June 22- July 1, 2012 at the Stables Gallery in downtown Taos, New Mexico.  prints will be available

Sugar in the Apple Orchard Meadow watercolor

April 13, 2012

Sugar in the Apple Orchard Meadow  watercolor

I am offering giclees for sale at the moment

in lOVE again…painting “Sugar”, spring in the Meadow

April 11, 2012

of Apple trees all in bloom.

I’ve been so, so busy working in town, building our second dome, starting mini-gardens and PAINTING…..

my second painting of “Ponies in Meadows” series.

All my life I’ve been heading here, dreaming of here, manifesting my life here, and painting what I love:

"azúcar / Sugar" on my deck

So now all she needs is to get her picture taken by Barry Norris Studio, a world class professional  printing studio,

"Sugar" in the Springtime Orchard


along with his sister “Springtime She Cardinal”  so prints can be numbered or not.  Not sure what the  pros and cons of all that are just yet.

Won’t be long and if you would like to purchase either painting, please let me know through my email here on my etsy links and I will take $25. off either or both if you purchase both at the same time., original painting when you mention this comment (first come first serve).

Sugar and Cardinal SpringTime WaterColours


peace n abundance,


I hope your spring is as magical as mine.

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