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I love, lOVE, Love Photography

November 13, 2013

I’m cleaning out my Mac laptop and am coming across some amazing photos I’ve taken in the past and never showed in public.  Some really blow me away still…..

LifeCanBeAnyThingYouWantItToBe by CheyAnne Sexton

LifeCanBeAnyThingYouWantItToBe by CheyAnne Sexton

I love adding quotes and sayings,

sometimes……..just simple words,

and poems too, when I really get them………….


Little baby calves always call to me and this one was a few springs ago.  But sometimes we need spring all year long, don’t cha think?

calf just lookin by cheyannesexton

calf just lookin by cheyannesexton


I call photographs like this one: A Drive-By Photo.

I have so much fun just holding my little Carl Zeiss lens Sony out the window as I’m driving.  Like little instant, fun, unexpected, movies in still-motion Photographs.

love them when I find a gem amongst the fence posts, ugly bushes and road signs (yuck)……..

at the speed of autumn taos mountain by cheyannesexton

at the speed of autumn taos mountain by cheyannesexton

I took these next two out our back yard facing East, the first one was last Autumn and the second was this Fall:

winter is right around the corner by cheyannesexton

winter is right around the corner by cheyannesexton


well I better get back to cleaning out more photos.

As always if you see anything you would like a print of or a watercolor commissioned painting just contact me at new mexico mtn girl at hotmail  and I’ll get it listed for you.  I can also invoice you through your email.

Maybe you see something you would like but don’t know how to tell your family; you just leave it to me, my friend, and I will give a nice shout out with a few sweet hints and links involved and who knows what your loved-ones might leave you.

peace n abundance,





Friday Finds – unexpected gifts

July 12, 2013

I walk down along the river with my honey alot and every time I search for new things to photograph.  One can only take so many pictures of river shots and water, canyon walls and empty trails.  So I search out the birds and the butterflys and anything else that catches my eye or moves in that case.

I was looking for butterflys dancing around, but this year seems to be void of them. I catch a far off glimpse of a yellow swallowtail (at least I think thats what it is) ,  but nothing close enough to get good shots of.  I was headed back to the car, kinda lollygaging and I was running my hand over the tops  of this clover field I was walking along.   Deep purple, almost black clover, spring bright, pretty purple clover and soft, sweet, pale white clover that the butterflys go crazy for. I was so enjoying the sweet smell in the air and feeling the tops of the flowers brushing my hand… I realized that this was my unexpected gift.  I turned back to shoot not knowing if I could capture the essence of a whole patch of clover or not, but I enjoyed it so that I  just had to try.

A pathway full of clover





Which crop do you like best?

If you want to join in Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds just head over to her amazing blog and check it out.  She is super talented and awesome with textures.

As always,

Peace n Abundance to you and yours and I hope your summer is wonderful,



hummingbirds on Fathers Day

June 16, 2013

textured and not

'comin' round'

‘comin’ round’

fat little chupa

fat little chupa

'how do you like me now'

‘how do you like me now’

'rudy toot toot all textured out'

‘rudy toot toot all textured out’

soon to be added as pillows….

yes I’ve been having pillows created with my art on them.  any art you want can be put on pillows these days, and tote bags and phone covers, even shower curtains.

I would love to know which is your favorite and why., and please constructive criticism is always welcome.

Hope your weekend and Fathers Day is as happy as can be.

and as always,

anything you see of mine can be for sale in my Etsy Shoppes (either one)


peace n abundance,


I’ve been pretty busy with lots of springtime new

May 6, 2013

new things happening in my shops and different sites.  I’ve created listings for my pillows on both of my Etsy Shops:

to link to my cheyannesexton.etsy shop

to link to my cheyannesexton.etsy shop

pink tipped lambs Pillow

pink tipped lambs Pillow

I’ve created quotes on more of my photography

)something I really wish I had more time for……….

and I started a 30 Day Marketing challenge from one of my favorite artist on the web.  She is so inspring and helpful to everysingle person that looks for it.  I’ve talked before about Artist Helping Artist  ~ Leslie Saeta ` blog talk radio and her show is made special for artists and creatoress, and Goddess of all kinds that want to grow and learn and have fun doing what you love.

this is day 6 right now and she took us all to  Watch out, it is sooooooo fun that it’s really hard to get anything else done.  But today I am on a mission to write this blog.  I have goals this year and they aren’t out to the start I had hoped, so it’s time to learn other ways of creating revenue for our home and way-of-life.  (Which I adore, for all of my friends that always wonder why I don’t send flowers very often anymore….I love you always(…

'Ranchitos Pottery' sparkley from PicMonkey newmexicomtngirl.etsy

‘Ranchitos Pottery’ sparkley from PicMonkey newmexicomtngirl.etsy

Just having tons of fun and learning things anew

my first attempt on PicMonkey and drew me back to create the first BabaMamaLamb photo up top, this one above….. Ranchitos Pottery.

I feel very very blessed in my life

What if today, we were GRATEFUL for everything

What if today, we were GRATEFUL for everything

and I also attribute my happiness on saying our prayers

'Saying our Prayers'

‘Saying our Prayers’

I hope everyone else is off to a great week.

peace n abundance,


Nothing says Spring, like new baby lambs

April 7, 2013

I went and did my grout-girl thing with my honey and I saw:


sweet little 2 day old, 5 day old and a month old lamb….

brand new and Lovin' Life

brand new and Lovin’ Life

Down by the river where the cool water flows,

lived a little flock of sheep.

They were lucky enough to have little frisky, fun-lovin’, kick-up-your-heals and go-all-out lambs.

down by the river in the sweet new grass lived a little flock of sheep,                       all sparkly and sweet

down by the river in the sweet new grass lived a little flock of sheep,                                all sparkly and sweet

'Baaaaaaa  aa' says the Mama

‘Baaaaaaa aa’ says the Mama

'bleep' says the lamb

‘bleep’ says the lamb

'can I climb that? asks the baby

‘can I climb that? asks the baby

and off they go all in a row

and off they go all in a row

WMspring lambe

nothing says Spring like a brand new lambs

Such an amazing little gift of an early morning here in Taos, New Mexico.

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