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more painting, less surfing

May 1, 2012

purple paintings for sale

yellow rose sketch with my watercolors

on an afternoon was we were listening to coast-to-coast

my new Yellow Rose blossom

I love, love, love yellow roses.

Back 30 years ago as of July 24, 1982, when we brought our first son home from the hospital, my yellow rose was blooming and I fell in love with this color.

My favorite yellow that I just adore is the yellow that is tinged with pink on the edges, but it seems a little harder to find.  This is a Knockout from Wal-Mart, and it’s just yellow, but such a wonderful rich lemon yellow that changes to white as it stays open.  And the scent is just heavenly and fragrant, A little spicy and yet sweet too.  At first I wanted the yellow to last longer, but the more I grow it the more the white grows on me too.  Perfect for a moon garden. Seems to be doing pretty well with a little rose food and moisture.  So out came my watercolours, just to sketch, not necessarily produce a finished painting.

yellow rose watercolour sketch

and I tried another one with a darker background, but lost my momentum

sketch w subject

I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day.

I have lots of original watercolor paintings, finished and everything, on my etsy shop along with beautiful photographs.


I still take photos too

March 25, 2012

Here is my Sunday-Mornin’ pic  pics of the week:

(cause can we ever stop at one?)

Golden White Yellow Glow Rose


I was soooo struck by the light this morning.

Must be because I started my morning with this beautiful rainbow around the sun before it peaked over the eastern horizon.  Just out my kitchen window.

Rainbow around the Sun


pretty cool, yes?

rose glow



Heart of a Yellow Rose


this is a Knock-Out rose that I bought last year.  I Love it.  I’ve been growing it all winter inside and it has burst forth in early springtime glowery.  yup that’s a work I just made up and it is so true for this rose.  Rich yellow buds at the first signs of uncurling

warm yellow rosebud


or a cooler version of the same rosebud

cool yellow rosebud


and then to open up yellow and fade to white.  They smell great and look amazing.  Few petals so that each one stands out on it’s own.

I remember reading on Pioneer Woman’s blog about Knock Out roses and how she thought they were pretty awesome.  Well I think so too cause even when it seems like roses are too picky, these aren’t and they give you wonderful lemony spicy flowers to enjoy.

If any of these strike your fancy for a beautiful rose photo for your wall, you can find them on my Etsy shop

peace n abundance,



Vintage Winter Snowy Old Blu for Rose

February 13, 2012


I was going to email you and thought I would post about it instead so others can have a look-see if they want.  (or maybe order one themselves).  This is close to done.  Detail in the window area of course (it has to have the steering wheel and back window) and the closest headlamp in almost there.  A few more details to wrap up and it’s off to my professional photographer to have it’s picture taken so I can offer wonderful giclees of all sizes. Because this wonderful original already has a home.  Thank you Rose

Snowy Old Blue Winter Chevy

Here is a little peek at my wonderful inspiring art table my lover-man built me  with all three Old Blue Chevy Watercolours on it, and my newest giclee print of  ‘Copetona Cardinal’

Rose, a print of your first original is in there too.

February Art Desk, 2012

Here she is all pretty and professionally photographed by my local Professional Studio here in Taos, New Mexico.  she is ready to fly home to you anytime.  Just let me know what size you would like and your email and I will send you an invoice and get it out ASAP (2-5 day turn-around time).

Copetona Cardinal (big hat)

My Etsy shop is always available

Thanks for peeking and comments are always welcome.

peace n abundance,

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