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100th Post in May of 2008

September 30, 2012

I posted this years ago and I still feel the same about my children (now all adults with mates and some with granddaughters to boot)

Just thought it would be fun to bring it back up since I’m wanting to visit so so bad……

100th Post

and my next commenter will be my 300th comment.

How’s that for serendipity?

so here’s just a few of my catalog of film images from the beginnings

discovery in the light

discovery in the light

reading in the light

reading in the light

Rachael in the Window

Rachael in the Window



Benjamin dreamin'

Benjamin dreamin’



young and  frisky

young and frisky

Jacob with a sisken bird

Jacob with a sisken bird

he's always reading

he’s always reading

blue sunshine

blue sunshine

so on my 100th post here @wordpress,

which has been very smooth considering this is my first experience blogging,

I’ll share with you pictures from my heart…….. my children

and of course a flower because that is what my children remind me of the most:



it’s like WordPress read my mind

December 17, 2009

no kidding…… I was just creating a post and checking my stats first.  I love my stats, even tho they aren’t really big (yet).  While I was running my cursor over the individual days, I wondered it there was a way to see if I posted that day and,  wala….. I come back later and now the cursor shows what post I uploaded that day.  How very, very cool of

Rainbow over Lama

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