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My next painting will be a Magpie

April 30, 2017

and if you want to paint along, come on over to Magpie on Patreon and check  it out.

wmmagpie swoop closer

All kinds of new and exciting things have been happening.  I’m drifting away from wordpress to Patreon and hope you will follow me there.  I will post more info here for any of my wonderful followers through the years that are still watching this poor forgotten page of mine.




have you tagged yourself

May 26, 2009

do you add your own name in your tags and if so as I do, it’s quite cool to see a whole page devoted to ‘you’  and then when you google yourself thats fun too. I once took up the first 95 pages of google (need to check that again)

my newest selfportrait

my newest selfportrait

here’s a link that wordpress came up with about google knowing we like to google ourselves,8599,1893965,00.html

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