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I’m a day late and a dollar blessed

September 3, 2015

I’m a day late and a dollar blessed for Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 / 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge . (to sign up and join the rest of us).

Life is great and I’m painting what brings me Joi. I don’t have a finished piece, but I am a work in progress, it’s just that my progress is slow right now and that’s ok by me.

Almost done Work inProgress

Almost done Work in Progress

I am having so much fun. I really want to concentrate to get this little Chuparosa like I see her in the image I captured of this sweet little thing,  So light and magical, all glowing in the pink and orange reflections from the morning light just rising over the mountains and touching the tips of these incredible flowers.  It’s been a long time since I really got into little bitty details, but it’s cool and very meditative.

This next image is so intriguing to me, what do you think?

interesting upside down way of looking at how things are going

interesting upside down way of looking at how things are going

Looking at a piece upside down can really give you a different perspective and for me a way to see if I’m on track.

Hope you are enjoying the trip

peace n abundance,


Here is Leslie’s Blog to catch up on what’s going on and check out all the incredible art being uploaded everyday, fresh of the pallets of pretty fine artists.


This is my Work in Progress ‘Dancing Chuparosa over Orange Echinacea’ watercolor

September 2, 2015

Really trying to make the deadline for the 30 in 30 painting challenge put on by Leslie Saeta.  I did this challenge back in January of 2015 and loved it.  I created 18 finished paintings and 4 works in progress.

So here it is September 2, 2015 and I’m sharing not a finished piece but one I have started in August and am still working on.

4th stage

4th stage

The previous post shared my start of this painting and this is where I took off the misket to reveal the little hummer that is about to get all of her shadings to bring her to life.

A new watercolor in progress

August 18, 2015

My newest and latest beauty.

work-in-progres by CheyAnne Sexton

work-in-progress by CheyAnne Sexton

My latest and greatest watercolor of a little chuparosa dancing over some gorgeous Echinacea. This is stage 4 with many more to go

3rd phase of new work in progress

3rd phase of new work in progress

This was the 3rd phase.  First being the thought and sketching, the choice of colors and paper and what I want to create.  I remember from college that my professor had us think clearly about what we wanted to do.  Even write it down.  I don’t do that very often, but it came back to me wanting to take this one slow and do it for me.

I want to create the gorgeous morning light that lit up these Echinacea flowers of purple, pink and bright glowing orange with a little wispy female chuparosa dancing across her stage.

Chuparosa dancing over Echinacea by CheyAnne Sexton

Chuparosa dancing over Echinacea by CheyAnne Sexton (click here for sale)

this is where the idea started.  I love the stage of bright orange heads on these wonderful pinks and purples.

Teal Pink Hummingbird dancing over Purple flowers

Teal Pink Hummingbird dancing over Purple flowers

And I adore the background colors and feel in this one.  And this will be the little chupa I’m going to put in my painting.  Right now she is covered in the green misket and it will be very exciting when I get to the point where I can start to paint her.

I’ll keep you posted.

I’m also posting on my FaceBook pages

Hope your summer is rocking,

peace n abundance,


Looking back through my photos posted on my Blog in the past

December 29, 2014

I found these gems I forgot all about:

I just loved the colors of this early April Spring day here in El Salto of northern New Mexico.  I was taking a coworker home up a road I really never see and on this day the weather was magical.  Full of snow and spitting sleet.  Spring colors were popping everywhere and acequia’s were starting to run full of snow melt.

New Mexico acequia in El Salto

New Mexico acequia in El Salto

red willows in El Salto, New Mexico. April 2014

red willows in El Salto, New Mexico. April 2014

Across the road the misty air was thick with moisture.

I still get excited every single time I spot a horse

I still get excited every single time I spot a horse

On another spring time day, but this one down in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, my honey was tiling the farmers new house and I was sneaking up, or rather trying to sneak up on the new spring lambs down by the riverside.  Aren’t they just so fun and frisky?

'bleep' says the lamb

‘bleep’ says the lamb

Spring is just my favorite season of all and now that winter has finally arrived I’ve started dreaming of spring.

brand new and Lovin' Life

brand new and Lovin’ Life by CheyAnne Sexton

Any of my images can be printed into wonderful giclee prints, pretty much any size you would like.

Just email me @

Surreal kind of selling my art this morning….

September 17, 2014

My honey is laying tile again and he hurts, so when he gets home he pretty much crashes after dinner.  Last night was no different only earlier.

so at 2am he gets up, and soon after

“Are you awake?” very lightly I hear through the dark..

After a pause,

had to think if I was or not,

“yes” I whisper.


“You sold

‘t w o’


Mailbox money honey,

while you are sleeping ! !  !” he exclaimed.

WMawesome light of New Mexico

awesome light of New Mexico by CheyAnne Sexton




Turquoise New Mexico Sunset natural watercolor

And I’ve been dazy ever-sense .  Nice way to wake up for sure…..

I wrote her later:

Thank you, Thank you so Very much.
I adore these pieces and so glad you do too. My honey woke me up in the middle of the morning about two am and all day I felt a dreamy sort of feeling. Don’t know if that makes any sense to you, but anyway.
As soon as I pick up these gilcees I will get them out and send you an email with a tracking number.
peace n abundance,

when Sharon wrote back

“It certainly does make sense to me. New Mexico is so incredibly beautiful. It is my home state. These photographs capture the light and the Spirit of New Mexico.”


Oh what a compliment, thank you.  I first saw, really saw New Mexico when I was in my twenties on a road trip away from my young family for the first time.  Amazing light and rolling hills and glorious mountains, not to mention the weather.

Thanks so much for more inspiration to capture and post more New Mexico landscapes.




What a blessing people bring back when they purchase, with their hard-earned cash, a piece and two of mine.



feeling very blessed and abundant,



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