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magical winter light

December 5, 2013
Crow Feathers n Bell in the Piñon by CheyAnne

Crow Feathers n Bell in the Piñon by CheyAnne

feathers in the light,

What else can be so sweet?

Winter Smoke

'Winter Smoke'  Giclee Photograph   by CheyAnne Sexton

‘Winter Smoke’ Giclee Photograph by CheyAnne Sexton

I entered this one in  My Shot on National Geographic.  Anyone can sign up and add your own.

I added another shot years ago after our trip driving down to Mexico:

first saying his prayers as he meets the ocean

“First Things First”by CheyAnne Sexton saying his prayers first

I use to love that magazine and even signed up for it one  year.

the early am ocean @ Mazatlan

the early am ocean @ Mazatlan

my daughter loves this one and so do I

peace n abundance,


missing Mexico and my hita and my son so much


don’t cha’ think, yes?

September 28, 2012


as an overview of my flower photography

as an overview of my flower photography


I noticed just the other day that I am finally finding a style in my photography, but most especially in my floral photography.  I firmly believe that it really shines, don’t cha think?

peace n abundance,



rooster watercolor textured

June 7, 2011



I added Kim Klassen’s paper stained texture to my original watercolor ‘rooster’ .

used vivid light at 58%

reduced the image size so I could add text and there you have it.

Shared on KimKlassen’s Texture Tuesday

my original painting of this rooster sold on my etsy store sometime last year (but I can still make prints, if you are interested)

watercolor rooster original


rooster in Mexico


and it all started with this photo I took on our trip down the coast of Mexico 2 years ago.



There’s something magical about gates….

March 24, 2009
magical blue gate

magical blue gate

There’s something about gates,

What’s back there?

Where does it lead?

What’s on the other side?

Curly Q's

Curly Q's

curly q’s in wrought iron are kinda cool don’t cha think?

one of these gates are from Mexico, lo de Marcos to be exact do you know which?

look what we found our very first morning in Tulum

February 28, 2009
our first morning walk on the beach

our first morning walk on the beach

look what we found in Tulum

look what we found in Tulum

I  ALWAYS wanted one of these…………. and the very first morning we were on the beach I saw her laying face down in the palmtree leaves on the ground.  We had gone looking for a better place to do our business than their bathrooms had to offer.  And here she was, all tangled up in fronds and drying leaves.  I even looked past her and had to do a double take.  So we took her back to the ocean and gave her a drink………….

We had arrived  at the Santa Fe campground the previous night around 9 p.m.  by  taxi from the airport in Cancun.   The flight into Cancun, Mexico was from Albuquerque, New Mexico by way of  3½hrs  of driving in -10°  tempeture on a highway coming out of Taos, New Mexico in a GMC truck without a heater.  It was quite a unique  start to a pretty freekin, awesome trip.

But the gifts we received while we were there and even since then have been many.

Len and I feel very blessed

and she is just another affirmation …..

this is why I miss this beach.

This trip was a HUGH first for me.  I had always figured myself a travelin’ girl, until I met Len.  He bought me my first passaporta and so this was my first flight out-of-country.

This beach draws me still……………….

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