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A new watercolor in progress

August 18, 2015

My newest and latest beauty.

work-in-progres by CheyAnne Sexton

work-in-progress by CheyAnne Sexton

My latest and greatest watercolor of a little chuparosa dancing over some gorgeous Echinacea. This is stage 4 with many more to go

3rd phase of new work in progress

3rd phase of new work in progress

This was the 3rd phase.  First being the thought and sketching, the choice of colors and paper and what I want to create.  I remember from college that my professor had us think clearly about what we wanted to do.  Even write it down.  I don’t do that very often, but it came back to me wanting to take this one slow and do it for me.

I want to create the gorgeous morning light that lit up these Echinacea flowers of purple, pink and bright glowing orange with a little wispy female chuparosa dancing across her stage.

Chuparosa dancing over Echinacea by CheyAnne Sexton

Chuparosa dancing over Echinacea by CheyAnne Sexton (click here for sale)

this is where the idea started.  I love the stage of bright orange heads on these wonderful pinks and purples.

Teal Pink Hummingbird dancing over Purple flowers

Teal Pink Hummingbird dancing over Purple flowers

And I adore the background colors and feel in this one.  And this will be the little chupa I’m going to put in my painting.  Right now she is covered in the green misket and it will be very exciting when I get to the point where I can start to paint her.

I’ll keep you posted.

I’m also posting on my FaceBook pages

Hope your summer is rocking,

peace n abundance,



Magical hummingbirds with Pink pink Hollyhocks

August 10, 2015
Chuparosa Checkin' Out All Those Pink Hollyhocks by CheyAnne Sexton

Chuparosa Checkin’ Out All Those Pink Hollyhocks by CheyAnne Sexton

Just a quick add to let you see what I’m seeing on these summer mornings.  More to come.

Hope your summer is this wonderful and fresh



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I know I need to post and

August 26, 2014

feel bad because I haven’t.

I love to write and post images of either my captures from my camera or a new painting I’m working on.  Lately I get so wrapped up in just painting or editing that I don’t have the time to, or the energy either.  Life gets busy and wonderful and quite lovely and it’s hard to write about art when you are just busy living it:

so random images ahead:

Danielle's custom spring-green-tree in it's new home

Danielle’s custom spring-green-tree in it’s new home

A brand new customer came to Etsy and found a watercolor tree of mine that she loved. She asked me more about sizes and prices and we came together on a custom original  12×16 with a 1″ border for $65. plus shipping.  She loved it so much that she sent me a picture and I just adore seeing it framed up, don’t you?

some blue flax

some blue flax

incredible capture of a female hummingbird drinking water

incredible capture of a female hummingbird drinking water

from out little pond of water outside our window.  What a fun image this is/

some more blue flax

some more blue flax

I just adore this little flowers that look just like little sky diamonds dropped down on this Earth just to give us Joi.

sweet little fox family

sweet little fox family

This incredible female fox was living with her 3 (that I counted) little cubs next to a road a friend lives on.  This was taken through a fence, she is not fenced in at all.  It was the only way I could capture her with my little Sony.  Isn’t she amazingly beautiful?

Told you it would be random

peace n abundance,


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hummingbirds on Fathers Day

June 16, 2013

textured and not

'comin' round'

‘comin’ round’

fat little chupa

fat little chupa

'how do you like me now'

‘how do you like me now’

'rudy toot toot all textured out'

‘rudy toot toot all textured out’

soon to be added as pillows….

yes I’ve been having pillows created with my art on them.  any art you want can be put on pillows these days, and tote bags and phone covers, even shower curtains.

I would love to know which is your favorite and why., and please constructive criticism is always welcome.

Hope your weekend and Fathers Day is as happy as can be.

and as always,

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peace n abundance,


My Rain-Soaked World on High

May 7, 2012

The hummingbirds, chuparosa, hummers, what-ever we call them sure can make a lot of fuss over their feeders.  And this morning they were all just a fussin’ and a flittin’ and scrapin’ with each other.  They do have their little perches that they each love.

he loves this perch in the early morning New Mexico Light

he loves this perch in the early morning New Mexico Light

but he gets to twitching and flittin’ when another hummer zings by

ready for take off

So I decided to climb up on top of our camper that we still have set up as a studio, closet and general catch all.  But the view from the top is

A M A Z I N G…..

as the sun was peeking through the rain storms blowing round

the sunlight on the new Aspen Groves high in the Sangre de Cristos Mountains

and then I heard this feather-flutter high in the Piñon.  I was up high in their territory.  I almost gasped when I saw him just inches away, nestled in the branches and looking out on the new rain soaked world

good morning rain soaked world

and I didn’t want to startle it, but I had to get one more, and when I moved he looked right at me and I clicked before I should have (but I love it anyway)

He sees me, and then he was gone

What a world it is up high in the tree tops.  You can see forever from here.

peace n abundance,


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