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hummingbirds on Fathers Day

June 16, 2013

textured and not

'comin' round'

‘comin’ round’

fat little chupa

fat little chupa

'how do you like me now'

‘how do you like me now’

'rudy toot toot all textured out'

‘rudy toot toot all textured out’

soon to be added as pillows….

yes I’ve been having pillows created with my art on them.  any art you want can be put on pillows these days, and tote bags and phone covers, even shower curtains.

I would love to know which is your favorite and why., and please constructive criticism is always welcome.

Hope your weekend and Fathers Day is as happy as can be.

and as always,

anything you see of mine can be for sale in my Etsy Shoppes (either one)


peace n abundance,



Yellow Knockout Roses

February 24, 2013

grown indoors are just amazing when they bloom and they smell like sweet sunshine too

close up

close up

three at once

three at once

stunning Knockout roses

stunning Knockout roses

and tomorrow is four

and tomorrow is four

I adore yellow roses and the smell of these is so lovely on the summer breeze.  Maybe I’ll dig up a photo of this plant outside in the summertime.

Hope your week is amazing,

peace n abundance,



I still take photos too

March 25, 2012

Here is my Sunday-Mornin’ pic  pics of the week:

(cause can we ever stop at one?)

Golden White Yellow Glow Rose


I was soooo struck by the light this morning.

Must be because I started my morning with this beautiful rainbow around the sun before it peaked over the eastern horizon.  Just out my kitchen window.

Rainbow around the Sun


pretty cool, yes?

rose glow



Heart of a Yellow Rose


this is a Knock-Out rose that I bought last year.  I Love it.  I’ve been growing it all winter inside and it has burst forth in early springtime glowery.  yup that’s a work I just made up and it is so true for this rose.  Rich yellow buds at the first signs of uncurling

warm yellow rosebud


or a cooler version of the same rosebud

cool yellow rosebud


and then to open up yellow and fade to white.  They smell great and look amazing.  Few petals so that each one stands out on it’s own.

I remember reading on Pioneer Woman’s blog about Knock Out roses and how she thought they were pretty awesome.  Well I think so too cause even when it seems like roses are too picky, these aren’t and they give you wonderful lemony spicy flowers to enjoy.

If any of these strike your fancy for a beautiful rose photo for your wall, you can find them on my Etsy shop

peace n abundance,



so excited working with another artist

August 16, 2011

So excited to be working with Todd and his Old vintage Tin Picture Frames.

check them out, my photos and his frames


my truck his frame


My Old Blue Chevy, His Antique Ceiling Tin picture frame

Old Flowers, Old Frame


Todd’s frames are one of a kind and you can find more of him amazing works here

Aren’t they just wonderful?



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