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too, too long

October 20, 2013

I’ve been neglecting my blog, my art, my exercise too.  I just cannot fit it all in.  How do people who work 30- to 40 or more hours every single week get anything done’?

My daughter's honey at out camp fire in August

My daughter’s honey at our camp fire in August

Buffalo Tacos In la Lama, New Mexico style

Buffalo Tacos In la Lama, New Mexico style



had to add ‘another white cosmos’, I’m going to get this into a canvas and send to my daughter and her mate for their new place.

playing around with new photoshop techniques

playing around with new photoshop techniques


new vistors this year.  We figure it's one of Pi's young this year, but haven't seen her at all.

new vistors this year. We figure it’s one of Pi’s pups this year, but haven’t seen her at all.

traveling alot to new job 52 beautiful miles each way

traveling alot to new job 52 beautiful miles each way

rabbitbrush Chimisa

rabbitbrush Chimisa


exploring Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs and Spa, New Mexico

exploring Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs and Spa, New Mexico


I have been one busy Admin Girl, but it’s time to paint. If I can find my desk under the clutter before I lose interest again.  Wish me painting.

peace n abundance,


p.s.  SOLD a big print of ‘Sugar’ in the Apple Orchard Meadow’ 20×26

"Sugar" in the Apple Orchard Meadow

“Sugar” in the Apple Orchard Meadow 20×26 Giclee Print               by CheyAnne Sexton



Two sales, Two birthdays, One Treasury, One Blog write-up

February 25, 2010

that I’m a part of today.  What an incredible, AWESOME, fantastic day it’s been.

First off it’s my Sweet-Pea’s birthday today.  She, my daughter turned 26 on this birthday.  I am so very proud of her courage and grace.  What a life so far, huh Rachael?

Doing a check of my sites for the day and found out I sold my second painting, Calif Poppy to Linda whose blog Shoreacres  I know through our blogs.  An incredible writer whose words put you right into that moment, and makes you feel as if you lived or are living it at the moment she is describing.  I love how it all flows together so elegantly.  check out her blog  and you’ll be hooked. California Poppy, Watercolour Original

Thank you Linda very, very much for all the wonderful encouragement.

It is also our friend Kenny’s 47th birthday which he, his wife Alison, my honey Leonardo and I celebrated at Eske’s Brew Pub, here in Taos New Mexico tonight.
Then when we get home this evening I find out that I sold another,

Apple Blossom's of Spring

my third original watercolor painting  to Lauren, who I come to find out bought my first original watercolour ‘Linda’s Rose’#1 a few weeks back (#2 is still avaialbe ) .  Thank You so Very much Lauren. ( I would send people your way if I could).

When I check my convo’s I find out that Shannon from The CleverKitty has not only posted a blog write-up about Iris’ , but she included my ‘Purple Popsicle Iris’ in this beautiful mix (which is still for sale).

Purple Popcicle Iris

and she snagged a treasury as well, and included my Purple Popsicle again

Iris Treasury 2.24.10which expires this Saturday afternoon.  so get on over there and check it out.  Awesome handmade goods from around the world.

I am so blessed.

p.s oh yeah our Dark Raspberry Chocolates arrived from VintageConfections and we gave the little truffle sampler to Kenny for his birthday.

and I have much Abundance

As Van Morrison sings

❝At the end of the Day, We give Thanks and Pray to the One❞

strange feelings goin’ round

September 20, 2008

is anyboby else feeling weird, strange, not quite right these days? 

I’m getting ready for my mini road trip to ABQ and then up to Durango with my daughter to help pack my son up for his move  north to Washington, so I should be totally estatic, but there is just some sort of something going on.


roadtrip…… long overdue

September 8, 2008
rachael wondering

rachael wondering

all the way from san cristobal, new mexico…….. down sur to ALBQ,     back up norte to Durango…………. Yeah!!

My daughter is coming,

well actually she’s going.

Going up to Durango, CO to move her little brother up norte w/ her and her older brother.  I haven’t seen her in two years and thats  waaaaaayyyyyyy too long not to look at and kiss and hug your only hita.  Here’s a picture of her that I took when she was about 6,  I think.    She was just getting over a mild case of chicken pox and getting kind of antsy to get back to school with her friends.   But she knew that was coming so in the meantime . . .

she was quiet

I’ll tell you, when I took pictures of this little girl growing up, this little person,  it was such a beautiful experience in itself.

She always did and she still does have a quality that just glows.  Catching her in those moments was pure sweetness.  It was  what every mama- photographer could hope for.

Sweet Pea,  when you read this, just know that.


just had to share,   (( <:

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