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Day 5 YellowGreen Springtime Tree watercolor

January 5, 2017



YellowGreen springtime Tree watercolor on paper by CheyAnne Sexton


Day 5 YellowGreen Springtime Tree watercolor was fun and a learning curve.


I’ve been wanting to blog

June 30, 2015
Golden Ponies in the Evening Glow of Sunset photography

Golden Ponies in the Evening Glow of Sunset photography by CheyAnne Sexton

I sometimes see stories in my mind’s eye that I want to write down or write about.  Yet life, real life, my-real-life gets so full of everything I want to do, that blogging doesn’t seem to be high on the honey-doo list, (yes I have one for myself) ( but only in my head).

So I don’t blog, but it has been in my thoughts lately and that’s how things come into my life.  Is giving them thoughts and wonder and what-ifs.

and suddenly 2 of the newsletters I follow are about blogging challenges:

Take your pic:

Alex is an awesome teacher and great coach.


Problogger is amazing in all he knows, retains and teaches to us.


Haven’t checked them all out yet, but I am blogging

I’m just lucky I had time to blog this post.

Hope all is well in your world and you are relishing and delighting in summertime!  Full on hot-fun-in-the-sun kinda summer.

peace n abundance,




claiming my blog for bloglovin

March 15, 2013

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

so I can continue reading my subscriptions from my google reader

100th Post in May of 2008

September 30, 2012

I posted this years ago and I still feel the same about my children (now all adults with mates and some with granddaughters to boot)

Just thought it would be fun to bring it back up since I’m wanting to visit so so bad……

100th Post

and my next commenter will be my 300th comment.

How’s that for serendipity?

so here’s just a few of my catalog of film images from the beginnings

discovery in the light

discovery in the light

reading in the light

reading in the light

Rachael in the Window

Rachael in the Window



Benjamin dreamin'

Benjamin dreamin’



young and  frisky

young and frisky

Jacob with a sisken bird

Jacob with a sisken bird

he's always reading

he’s always reading

blue sunshine

blue sunshine

so on my 100th post here @wordpress,

which has been very smooth considering this is my first experience blogging,

I’ll share with you pictures from my heart…….. my children

and of course a flower because that is what my children remind me of the most:


How exciting, I’ve been featured in Cindy Dyer’s Blog

June 13, 2010

Cindy Dyer  (Thank You) held a contest a few days back and I found out about it from my Google Reader, which I am just now figuring out how to use to my advantage.  All this internet stuff is self taught and it’s just thru trail and error that I’ve learned any of this WWW stuff we all know as the World Wide Web.  What a place , huh?  First you start with an e.mail on your first real, hooked to the Internet computer.  Then a little later you realize that you can incorporate your photos that you’ve taken all your life.  Now here comes internet stores where you can buy and sell so you learn how to sell your photography, but it doesn’t quite take off like you planned, so you look around a little more.  Hey check out blogging….. what the heck is this all about?  Ok more internet sites / stores that you find to try and sell your work, but still, things are not quite where you want them to be in sales, so you start sharing on sites just to get out there.  And ‘In the Meantime’ (great book by the way, by  Iyanla Vanzant ), people start appearing a little more regularly in comments on your sites and then you start noticing them on other peoples blogs and stores and sites and that’s where Cindy Dyer has come from into my life:  Super talented woman who takes incredible photography of mainly florals, but critters as well, people, friends, places  well anyway. You get the point, she is super talented and she writes well to boot.  So she had a contest, I entered and she has posted my story / essay. It was fun and I have  a chance to win some of her photography cards.  YeeHaw, I would love to have her photographs to send out ot my friends and maybe even hang a few in our new house (that comes together more everyday).

buttercup enhanced

buttercup plant n flower w buds

and this is what my story was about, buttercups, rich bright, bright yellow buttercups.  You can go to Cindy’s page to read the whole story and in a few days I will post it here with more photos of how they overtook my yard.  Well I might post it here on my own blog tomorrow.  Thanks for looking and reading.  I’m trying to figure out how to get a google reader followers button on my blog.  there I go again off down the rabbit hole to figure out another “how to”

Much Peace for everyone, everywhere and tons of Abundance All Around,


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