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dragonfly on purple

June 17, 2010

dragonfly on purple, originally uploaded by newmexicomtngirl.

A little picture I added to my flickr site so I could post it to a contest over on The Pioneer Woman’s blog where she is having a contest/assignment about bugs. Her site is so wonderful and funny and full of great info about life on a farm, as she puts it “one calf nut at a time”. she has a wonderful photography section where she shows you tricks using Photoshop Elements even, as well as the larger version of Photoshop. That’s where l learned about the filter>render>lighting effects I used here.

I also uploaded this image to my Red Bubble account if you would like to purchase one


I really miss blogging

October 28, 2009

I miss this site so much.  Now that we are finally in our Sugar Shack, which now has a new nickname of ‘The Fort’, we are as happy as can be. Our next project of major importance is getting internet.  We are working on a few avenues that might work, but nothing solid yet.  So I still have to come to a coffee shop to surf at all, and they just aren’t as fun or comfortable as home.

Can’t wait to be back and thank everyone for still checking out my site.bedframe of love

this blog has a hold on me

October 27, 2008

I can not believe how long it’s been since I’ve written on this thing.

This blog.

let the light shine

let the light shine

Sometimes I miss it.  Writing………

writing anything

I was just thinking tonight as I lay ready for sleep;

that’s when my thoughts become alot

that’s when I want to write

I’ve been going through alot and not really knowing  where to go with what’s in my head,

and learning that

that is alright

to not know for sure what it is your’e suppose to know.

sssoooooooo    anyyyywaaayyyyyyy…………………………………..

I tought I’d post something

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