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and yet again….fine art america

March 11, 2015

This page I’m adding my own link to see if that changes things up a bit….

my Dames Rocket Ranch watercolor on Paper by CheyAnne Sexton

my Dames Rocket Ranch watercolor on Paper by CheyAnne Sexton

Dames Rocket Ranch in  gorgeous country style frame

Dames Rocket Ranch in gorgeous country style frame

Dames Rocket Ranch 3 in matt and green frame

Dames Rocket Ranch 3 in matt and green frame

So much fun playing around with all the different ways you can frame up an amazing piece of art for your home space.  And don’t forget the bigger the better in my opinion …… Have a great Spring-is-coming-day.


‘with the door open’ watercolor of my honey napping

June 24, 2013

yesterday, when my honey and I got back from our hike into the mountains, where there is live water, my sweetie laid down for a nap.  I couldn’t resist.

'With the door Open'

‘With the door Open’ watercolor on paper 3×5

It’s kinda cool taking pictures of your work because then you can really see where you need to correct things….like the door swung open.  It’s a glass door and with the limited colors, I realized too late that the glassy door would be the same colors of the walls,  too confusing I think.  Maybe I’ll do a bigger one and plan it out a bit more.  And to make the hanging beads stand out just a pinch more.  And also to make his arm look as tho it is on the bed not hanging over.   But over-all I am really pleased…..well maybe his leg-foot thingy is kinda whompus.

Why are we so over critical of our own art?  I would probably never see any of these things if someone else had created this.  Thanks for looking and any feedback is fine by me.

I used:

Winsor Newton – paynes grey, opera rose,

Daniel Smith – quin deep gold

Schmincke – chrome orche, and teal green

I feel very grateful and blessed with my life

peace n abundance,


Dames Rocket Ranch WaterColour on Paper 9×12

October 16, 2012

my newest watercolour

Dames Rocket Ranch

Dames Rocket Ranch

watercolour on paper


I have loved this little corner of the southwest outside of Durango, Colorado on the way to Bayfield, CO.

I wish I could find my friends Billy and Rusty to show them this.

original watercolour on paper 9″x12″  $150.

I can invoice you if you are interested….

more painting, less surfing

May 1, 2012

purple paintings for sale

yellow rose sketch with my watercolors

on an afternoon was we were listening to coast-to-coast

my new Yellow Rose blossom

I love, love, love yellow roses.

Back 30 years ago as of July 24, 1982, when we brought our first son home from the hospital, my yellow rose was blooming and I fell in love with this color.

My favorite yellow that I just adore is the yellow that is tinged with pink on the edges, but it seems a little harder to find.  This is a Knockout from Wal-Mart, and it’s just yellow, but such a wonderful rich lemon yellow that changes to white as it stays open.  And the scent is just heavenly and fragrant, A little spicy and yet sweet too.  At first I wanted the yellow to last longer, but the more I grow it the more the white grows on me too.  Perfect for a moon garden. Seems to be doing pretty well with a little rose food and moisture.  So out came my watercolours, just to sketch, not necessarily produce a finished painting.

yellow rose watercolour sketch

and I tried another one with a darker background, but lost my momentum

sketch w subject

I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day.

I have lots of original watercolor paintings, finished and everything, on my etsy shop along with beautiful photographs.

OrangeRed n TealPurple FairyGirl- wall art childs room – playroom decor

October 24, 2011

My newest little watercolors on Yupo synthetic  tree-less transparent paper

I sketched this little chica back when my daughter was a little one and I’ve always loved it.

Orange Red Fairy Girl


Teal Purple Fairy Girl


For Sale on my Esty Shop

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