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I’ve been wanting to blog

June 30, 2015
Golden Ponies in the Evening Glow of Sunset photography

Golden Ponies in the Evening Glow of Sunset photography by CheyAnne Sexton

I sometimes see stories in my mind’s eye that I want to write down or write about.  Yet life, real life, my-real-life gets so full of everything I want to do, that blogging doesn’t seem to be high on the honey-doo list, (yes I have one for myself) ( but only in my head).

So I don’t blog, but it has been in my thoughts lately and that’s how things come into my life.  Is giving them thoughts and wonder and what-ifs.

and suddenly 2 of the newsletters I follow are about blogging challenges:

Take your pic:

Alex is an awesome teacher and great coach.


Problogger is amazing in all he knows, retains and teaches to us.


Haven’t checked them all out yet, but I am blogging

I’m just lucky I had time to blog this post.

Hope all is well in your world and you are relishing and delighting in summertime!  Full on hot-fun-in-the-sun kinda summer.

peace n abundance,





and yet again….fine art america

March 11, 2015

This page I’m adding my own link to see if that changes things up a bit….

my Dames Rocket Ranch watercolor on Paper by CheyAnne Sexton

my Dames Rocket Ranch watercolor on Paper by CheyAnne Sexton

Dames Rocket Ranch in  gorgeous country style frame

Dames Rocket Ranch in gorgeous country style frame

Dames Rocket Ranch 3 in matt and green frame

Dames Rocket Ranch 3 in matt and green frame

So much fun playing around with all the different ways you can frame up an amazing piece of art for your home space.  And don’t forget the bigger the better in my opinion …… Have a great Spring-is-coming-day.

I’ve been pretty busy with lots of springtime new

May 6, 2013

new things happening in my shops and different sites.  I’ve created listings for my pillows on both of my Etsy Shops:

to link to my cheyannesexton.etsy shop

to link to my cheyannesexton.etsy shop

pink tipped lambs Pillow

pink tipped lambs Pillow

I’ve created quotes on more of my photography

)something I really wish I had more time for……….

and I started a 30 Day Marketing challenge from one of my favorite artist on the web.  She is so inspring and helpful to everysingle person that looks for it.  I’ve talked before about Artist Helping Artist  ~ Leslie Saeta ` blog talk radio and her show is made special for artists and creatoress, and Goddess of all kinds that want to grow and learn and have fun doing what you love.

this is day 6 right now and she took us all to  Watch out, it is sooooooo fun that it’s really hard to get anything else done.  But today I am on a mission to write this blog.  I have goals this year and they aren’t out to the start I had hoped, so it’s time to learn other ways of creating revenue for our home and way-of-life.  (Which I adore, for all of my friends that always wonder why I don’t send flowers very often anymore….I love you always(…

'Ranchitos Pottery' sparkley from PicMonkey newmexicomtngirl.etsy

‘Ranchitos Pottery’ sparkley from PicMonkey newmexicomtngirl.etsy

Just having tons of fun and learning things anew

my first attempt on PicMonkey and drew me back to create the first BabaMamaLamb photo up top, this one above….. Ranchitos Pottery.

I feel very very blessed in my life

What if today, we were GRATEFUL for everything

What if today, we were GRATEFUL for everything

and I also attribute my happiness on saying our prayers

'Saying our Prayers'

‘Saying our Prayers’

I hope everyone else is off to a great week.

peace n abundance,


a new watercolor painting and I Won a giveaway

March 24, 2013

from Laura Trevey over at Bright Bold & Beautiful‘s fun and informative blog she had a giveaway and I won an amazing print of hers.

Bright Bold & Beautiful

I really had no idea  and I even sent congrats to the winners.  I had not even seen my name down at the bottom of the poster she made.  I felt a little silly when she told me I was a winner.  How thrilling.  and then I got my great package in the mail on Friday and Wowza:

Bright Bold & Beautiful

Bright Bold & Beautiful

thank you Laura.

And I’ve been working on the anemone a bit last week and finished it up.  Loving the translucently and the rich dark purples making it almost black,

Sweet Anemone

Sweet Anemone by CheyAnne Sexton

with little sparkles of white paper shining like light on the dark stamens in the middle of this incredible flower.  They call these ‘wind flowers’ as well.  I love that name.

According to the Oxford English DictionaryGreek anemōnē means “daughter of the wind”, from ánemos “wind” + feminine patronymic suffix -ōnē.[4]The name “windflower” is used for the whole genus as well as the wood anemone A. nemorosa.[5]  from Wikipedia.  

WMsweet anemone

Sweet Anemone watercolor

Have a blessed and sweet Sunday

peace n abundance,


I rented a borrowedlenses and ‘stirred it up’ on a little roadtrip or two

July 15, 2012

on a little roadtrip or two,

Went out lookin for ponies and watching my honey fish with this great big Series L Lens, you know one of those big white ones you see all the photogs on TV  use.   You just really wish you could get your hands on one of those.  Just to see the difference between, big money lenses and what you have on your camera (even tho you love them to no-ends)

Well I rented one and for 2 days I got to play in my backyard……


❧ I saw a pony ❧


“Shade” this pony was headed for

❧I saw my reflection early in the morning time❧

My own reflection

‘My own reflection, underneath the:’

the disseminating Luna Moon 75%

the disseminating ‘Luna Moon’ 75%

❧I saw my honey fishing in the first still waters we could find❧❧

early morn on the 'Costilla Creek'

early morn on the ‘Costilla Creek’

❧with a golondrina dancing above the waters,❧

golondrina dancing

‘golondrina dancing’

❧while a gackle watched it all.❧



❧I saw some different kind of sheep or maybe they are goats❧

three wooly goats

‘three wooly goats’

❧and then I saw a baby❧

and then I saw a baby way out in the meadow with her Mama

and then I saw a baby way out in the meadow with her Mama

and a friend indeed

“a friend indeed”

❧his Mama too❧

How many legs can you see?

“How many legs can you see?”



I saw swishy tails everywhere

I saw swishy tails everywhere

swishy tails everywhere

“swishy”  tails everywhere”

❧Mares watching,❧

Aunties Watching Over

“Aunties Watching Over”



this way hita

“this way hita”

ever watchful

“ever watchful”

"on watch"

“on watch”

"lead mare watches"

“lead mare watches”

 checkin me out

checkin’ me out

swishy-tails n flys

swishy-tails n flys

shakin it all off n the flys too

shakin’ it all off n the flys too

all settled again

all settled again

❧❧❧❧ I guess stirrin’ it up is what I do….❧

Hope you enjoyed the story line, especially the pony part.  I came full circle right now.

Putting this altogether:

from loving horses all my life

to loving where I live

to have the opportunity

of writing a little photo book

Just an idea

peace n abundance,


for these and all entertaining media,

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