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A new watercolor in progress

August 18, 2015

My newest and latest beauty.

work-in-progres by CheyAnne Sexton

work-in-progress by CheyAnne Sexton

My latest and greatest watercolor of a little chuparosa dancing over some gorgeous Echinacea. This is stage 4 with many more to go

3rd phase of new work in progress

3rd phase of new work in progress

This was the 3rd phase.  First being the thought and sketching, the choice of colors and paper and what I want to create.  I remember from college that my professor had us think clearly about what we wanted to do.  Even write it down.  I don’t do that very often, but it came back to me wanting to take this one slow and do it for me.

I want to create the gorgeous morning light that lit up these Echinacea flowers of purple, pink and bright glowing orange with a little wispy female chuparosa dancing across her stage.

Chuparosa dancing over Echinacea by CheyAnne Sexton

Chuparosa dancing over Echinacea by CheyAnne Sexton (click here for sale)

this is where the idea started.  I love the stage of bright orange heads on these wonderful pinks and purples.

Teal Pink Hummingbird dancing over Purple flowers

Teal Pink Hummingbird dancing over Purple flowers

And I adore the background colors and feel in this one.  And this will be the little chupa I’m going to put in my painting.  Right now she is covered in the green misket and it will be very exciting when I get to the point where I can start to paint her.

I’ll keep you posted.

I’m also posting on my FaceBook pages

Hope your summer is rocking,

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don’t cha’ think, yes?

September 28, 2012


as an overview of my flower photography

as an overview of my flower photography


I noticed just the other day that I am finally finding a style in my photography, but most especially in my floral photography.  I firmly believe that it really shines, don’t cha think?

peace n abundance,



California Poppy, Morning Glory and Rosebush in the ground

June 14, 2010

orange on purple

Finally, I got my new seedlings in the ground.  All my calif. poppies are planted in a couple different small beds. and one pot of 6 Morning Glories are in two different places (6 more to go)

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Got our sweet little grocery store rose transplanted from it’s first bed of the year to I hope, it’s permanent  home.

Little White Roses watercolor original painting

And moved the Black Widow and her old beat-up bucket (that I collected, just for the alter) FINALLY!!!  Black Widows just freak me out, but i can’t help it and I really try not to kill them (if I can help it).  I don’t have a photo of one of them, but I know what they look like.

if you like any of the photos they are avaiable on my Red Bubble site for sale in all different sizes and kinds. And the original painting is avaible on my etsy store.  Thank you for looking

In Between .. art, creativity and

January 25, 2010

What I SHOULD be doing for our sugar Shack  (like hanging batting insulation, made out of fiberglass ( YUCK ), or going thru all my watercolours and figuring out what I have to up-load and sell as originals on My Etsy site.  I chose the creative one, heck our little dome-home here in Lama, gets so hot we have to open the door, sometimes at zero degrees.

So this is one of many of my little small ones,  this one is only 5×7 inches.  I found I am willing to part with:

morning glory, original watercolour

if at any time you would like to buy a greeting card, matted print, or even poster ( for some images )  please visit my RedBubble site.

the beauty of blue…days

January 21, 2010

Chey Anne Sexton; newmexicomtngirl, “the beauty of blue…days”, originally uploaded by alidegeorge.

This is another collection put together from my images at Flickr.
Nice work and this time these are all mine

Most of these are for sale on my RedBubble site and if you are interested in something that’s not on there just e.mail and I’ll post it.  thanks for looking

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