I’ve been wanting to blog

Golden Ponies in the Evening Glow of Sunset photography

Golden Ponies in the Evening Glow of Sunset photography by CheyAnne Sexton

I sometimes see stories in my mind’s eye that I want to write down or write about.  Yet life, real life, my-real-life gets so full of everything I want to do, that blogging doesn’t seem to be high on the honey-doo list, (yes I have one for myself) ( but only in my head).

So I don’t blog, but it has been in my thoughts lately and that’s how things come into my life.  Is giving them thoughts and wonder and what-ifs.

and suddenly 2 of the newsletters I follow are about blogging challenges:

Take your pic:


Alex is an awesome teacher and great coach.


Problogger is amazing in all he knows, retains and teaches to us.



Haven’t checked them all out yet, but I am blogging

I’m just lucky I had time to blog this post.

Hope all is well in your world and you are relishing and delighting in summertime!  Full on hot-fun-in-the-sun kinda summer.

peace n abundance,








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2 Responses to “I’ve been wanting to blog”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Hi, CheyAnne! Hope all’s well in your world. The truly big news in my world is that I had cataract surgery, and am back to 20/20 vision. Or, maybe I have it for the first time in my life. I got glasses in 3rd grade, and don’t know what my vision was like before that.

    It’s great, I’ll say that. I still have some little issues, like a lot of “floaters,” and sometimes just slightly blurry reading vision, but all in all, it’s great. They say it can take a couple of months for things to really settle down, so we’ll see how it goes.

    Nice to see you pop up again!

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  2. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    That is wonderful news Linda. I would be so scared for my eyes to get operated on, but lately I realize that I really ought to get my eyes checked out. It has been years and sometimes I new readers more than others. I’m so glad you can see things better than ever.


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