Watercolour Alert ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧●

I fianlly, actually got inspired to paint again and this time by one of my own photographs too:

I did paint my favorite photograph (probably of all time) of my little Pigmy Nuthatch on Yupo paper:

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'Pigmy Nuthatch' Watercolor on Yupo by CheyAnne Sexton

‘Pigmy Nuthatch’ Watercolor on Yupo by CheyAnne Sexton


September last year. But I really wanted to paint one of my birds on watercolor paper, there is a difference for sure.

I loved this image of a little Song Sparrow I took the other morning down on the rio   ‘Song Sparrow tangled in Pink’ 

watercolour Song Sparrow tangled

watercolour Song Sparrow tangled


The true painting will emerge when my studio guy does his magic and captures my painting in all it’s nuisances of color and hue.

This photo is from the first image after I started.  I forget to capture the different stages that I create, sorry……

adding salt after misket

adding salt after misket

using Schmincke Titainium Gold Orche, Winsor Newton Madder Lake, Schmincke Manganese Violet here

also added W/N Sap Green, Schmincke Chrome Yellow Deep, Daniel Smith Quinacridone Deep Gold


started the details

started the details

you can really see the misket here, it’s the dull brownish lines.  I think this is one of the funnest parts of watercolour for me, is using misket.  Sometimes I really start to like what’s happening as I paint around it and with it, so when I take it off, I have to re-see the piece with fresh eyes.  But when I take it off it feels like Christmas to me.  I really, really love that part.

just need to set up my big camera so I can post this for sale

just need to set up my big camera so I can post this for sale


It has felt so good to paint again.  To have the time and the space and the freedom to take this time, to get back to my bliss.


'Song Sparrow Tangled in Pink' watercolur on paper by CheyAnne Sexton

‘Song Sparrow Tangled in Pink’ watercolur on paper by CheyAnne Sexton

Here’s a sneak-peek at what I’m working on next:

easy sunday afternoon by CheyAnne Sexton

easy sunday afternoon by CheyAnne Sexton


I hope your Easter Sunday was a fine one, ours was.

Thanks so much for stopping by  and as always if you see anything you would enjoy hanging on your wall, just give me a shout, I can always invoice you. And don’t forget Mother’s Day is right around the corner…….

peace n abundance,



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4 Responses to “Watercolour Alert ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧●”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    It’s such fun following along with your process, even when I don’t understand a good bit. It’s like magic — just so intriguing.

    I’m glad you had a fine weekend. Our weather was beautiful, at last, with bluebird skies and gentle breezes. Just wonderful. It was an “easy Sunday afternoon”, too. I know who that is that you’re going to paint!


  2. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Yes you do Linda, thanks for that. And I’m glad spring has arrived everywhere


  3. taosresident Says:

    I love the song sparrow. Very lovely. I ended up writing all weekend. I’d hoped to hike but that wind was just too much….and I’m the one who typically loves the wind!


  4. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Thanks Jim, and I’m with you on usually loving the wind. It can be quite incredible to stand in a wind storm, but this wind this weekend was not nice at all. Len is even looking at pics on the net right now of the devastation that these winds caused all the way to the southern east coast. Yucky for sure. Makes me wonder what this summer will be like??


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