I look at these watercolor paintings now

A brand new collector is asking me to paint a larkspur original painting for her and this is how she asked me “Please don’t hurry on the painting.
I am not artistic in the least, however, I can cook … and my food is always better when I feel like cooking, have a desire for a certain food or I just want to relax.
So, if or when you feel/see a beautiful royal colored larkspur dancing peacefully in the garden of your mind’s eye … I’ll be waiting.
Thank you … You have such a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing.
Isn’t that the most beautiful request ever?

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and see so many ways to enhance and rework them, but I won’t because they are beautiful just the way they are in all their simplicity.  I just need to create new work……

This was just a doodle of some wildflowers up one of my very favorite places on Earth,  LaPlata Canyon north of Durango, Colorado on one of my mini-roadtrip outings,  alone/sans children, plein air try out….

didn’t work too well cause I was too self consious and too many people wanted to know what I was doing and to watch me (that made me uncomfortable)

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2 Responses to “I look at these watercolor paintings now”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    That absolutely is a beautiful request. It’s also proof positive that she is more artistic than she realizes. Cooking is an art, too, and the way she approaches it is worthy of a watercolorist or musician.

    What fun for you!


  2. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Yes to cooking is an art form. Sometimes I can get that one right, but I love people that get it right all the time. I’d rather paint….thanks for the visit Linda


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