When Springtime Rolls Around

Tulips are seen everywhere you look.  Some even grow them in beautiful clay pots so they can move them around.

Tulips in CandleLight on Paper by CheyAnne Sexton

‘Tulips in CandleLight’ on Paper by CheyAnne Sexton


This piece is really incredible in person and computer monitors, altho handy, just can’t give you all the wonderful colors and feel this painting has in here.  The way the light plays on the flowers is just wonderful to look at.  I love the feel of this painting.

If you would like to gift this to someone for graduation or maybe Mothers Day, or simply just because, please click the  image and it will take you to my Etsy Shop.

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ps this is part of Leslie Saeta’s  ’30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days Challenge’




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3 Responses to “When Springtime Rolls Around”

  1. Day 6 on the Marketing Challenge | Le Art Studio Says:

    […] When Springtime Rolls Around (newmexicomtngirl.com) […]


  2. Jim O'Donnell Says:

    Man! You are multi-talented! This is a lovely painting. Very soft and peaceful – even while its bursting with color. I love it.


  3. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Thank you so much Jim. I love your description of this piece


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