beyond the woods, with a fat little bunny, to the plum blossom tree

Busy week and productive one too.  I lOVE Spring.  I feel so motivated about my art and creating.  Also learning new things about the business end of it all.

This is actually the first week in a long, long time that I have posted two posts in one week.  I wrote about a returning robin enjoying our little ponds of water to take a much needed bath after their migration.

AND I’ve been painting: not really big paintings, but watercolor sketches of plum blossoms

'Plum Blossoms'    watercolor on paper original 9x12    (cropped)

‘Plum Blossoms’ watercolor on paper original 9×12 (cropped)

'Plum Blossom' watercolor on Paper 9x12

‘Plum Blossom’ watercolor on Paper 9×12


and I went beyond the woods:

'Beyond the Woods'   ~  watercolor on paper  ~ original 9x12

‘Beyond the Woods’ ~ watercolor on paper ~ original 9×12


and found me a fat, little green bunny:  (just the first, well second layer) of Winsor Newton Paynes Grey with Sap Green…..


bunny, bunny so fat and round…why do you look all green?


Just need to add some more detail and fix a few things and I might call her good.  We will see tomorrow.  I found this little sweetie in a new store in town, kinda like a Ross, with a little bit of everything thrown in.  Couldn’t resist her for 2 bucks.

I hope everyone’s weekend was fabulous,

peace n abundance,







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18 Responses to “beyond the woods, with a fat little bunny, to the plum blossom tree”

  1. composerinthegarden Says:

    Your plum blossom paintings are lovely. I just spent the day working around my blooming cherry tree – the perks of spring!


  2. jmgoyder Says:



  3. capung2 Says:

    nice paintings… I can’t paint


  4. Leonardo Says:

    Oh CheyAnne, I love all of your paintings. I am so glad I signed up to get your blog in my inbox. I am very interested in your art.


  5. Jim O'Donnell Says:

    You are amazingly prolific.


  6. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Lynn, How wonderful to have cherry trees that are blooming. did you take any photos? The perks of spring are where it’s at. Thanks for the visit and the comment


  7. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Thank you so much Juli, I need to get over to your blog and find out what happened with your little baby peacock.


  8. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Why thank you so very much capung for the sweet compliment


  9. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Thank you for your interest in my art and your visit too.


  10. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Thanks for that Jim. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I am working on making it so. I appreciate the visit and the comment


  11. shoreacres Says:

    The green bunny is fantastic! He looks like the very embodiment of spring!


  12. composerinthegarden Says:

    We have wild cherry trees throughout our woods which will bloom in a few days. I have a weeping Japanese cherry tree in full bloom now; I’ve taken photos and am just about to record video of it swaying in the breeze 🙂


  13. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Thanks Linda, I kinda like her it too. and that is a great description, thanks


  14. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Oh please let me know when you upload the video of that. Just the description of this has my painter brain dreaming. Now if I can just get those dreams on paper the same way. I would be in business (for reals). and your cherry trees in and around your woods just sound magical, where do you live again? Maybe I want to move there……


  15. composerinthegarden Says:

    I’m in western Pennsylvania, near PIttsburgh. We are in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, lots of hills and valleys, streams and rivers, fields and forests. I love the rhythm of the land here, the ups and downs and twisting roads and unexpected vistas when it finally opens up. I hope to create a short spring garden video soon; I’ll let you know when I upload it. The cherry tree video footage turned out beautifully!


  16. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    How exciting on the video and please let me know when you upload it. I grew up in Missouri and we had rolling hills with vistas beyond as well. It’s the same here except it’s: WOW big mountains, then ok low vistas that go on forever. Stunning country that’s for sure. Just dry big time especially compared to where you are.


  17. composerinthegarden Says:

    CheyAnne, I did put up some cherry blossom photos on my blog (haven’t had time to edit the video yet!) Here’s the link:


  18. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Wowza Lynn, those are just amazingly beautiful photographs. I want to come sit under your cherry dream tree. Thanks for reminding me over here. I wish there were more hours in everyday and that we needed less sleep and food for that matter…. to go visit more often.


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