Happy spring with butterflys of July

wanting to post something spring like

ready for takeoff over bokeh

ready for takeoff over bokeh

I’ve been cleaning up my photographs that I have transfered to my external hard drive.

so many beauties

so many beauties

I’ve been dumping photos into MyBook for years. Alot of them are in order and in files I understand, but I have tons of files with just dates on them and no idea of what’s in the folder.

orange beauty on yellow

orange beauty on yellow

It’s actually kind of fun finding photographs I forgot all about.

the more the merrier

the more the merrier

I finally got all my 2011 cleaned up and sorted.  Wow that felt great and now I’m working on 2012.

here's looking at you, I mean me...it's looking right at me

here’s looking at you, I mean me…it’s looking right at me

I found these beauties from last July down along the river.

moths too were everywhere

moths too were everywhere

Butterflys just fascinate me.  I wish I knew what all of these are called.

river bokeh is amazing with butterflys everywhere

river bokeh is amazing with butterflys everywhere

I must have shot and edited 200 photos of just these amazing little creatures that day.  There seemed to be hundreds, but probably really 50 all fluttering around these bold yellow river daises.

I’m so glad spring is here.  I even saw a little white butterfly today down by the river when I went to get water.  First one of the year.  I wonder what they eat right now with nothing blooming.??

Peace n Abundance,



as always if you see anything you would like as a photo for your wall just let me know. newmexicomtngirl at hotmail dot com  will do the trick.  Or maybe one of these as a watercolor.  I haven’t painted butterflys yet.

my Etsy shop is http://www.cheyannesexton.etsy.com where you can find lots of watercolors and photos






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4 Responses to “Happy spring with butterflys of July”

  1. therightprofileimages Says:



  2. composerinthegarden Says:

    Wonderful shots! A jolt of sunshine on a dark and dreary day here in the east.


  3. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    I’m so glad that that is how these made you feel Lynn. I do love your posts for that reason too. We actually don’t have snow except up on the mountain tops, but we are in need of moisture here in New Mexico, that’s for sure. thanks for the comment


  4. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    thank you so much for the visit rightprofile


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