a new watercolor painting and I Won a giveaway

from Laura Trevey over at Bright Bold & Beautiful‘s fun and informative blog she had a giveaway and I won an amazing print of hers.

Bright Bold & Beautiful

I really had no idea  and I even sent congrats to the winners.  I had not even seen my name down at the bottom of the poster she made.  I felt a little silly when she told me I was a winner.  How thrilling.  and then I got my great package in the mail on Friday and Wowza:

Bright Bold & Beautiful

Bright Bold & Beautiful

thank you Laura.

And I’ve been working on the anemone a bit last week and finished it up.  Loving the translucently and the rich dark purples making it almost black,

Sweet Anemone

Sweet Anemone by CheyAnne Sexton

with little sparkles of white paper shining like light on the dark stamens in the middle of this incredible flower.  They call these ‘wind flowers’ as well.  I love that name.

According to the Oxford English DictionaryGreek anemōnē means “daughter of the wind”, from ánemos “wind” + feminine patronymic suffix -ōnē.[4]The name “windflower” is used for the whole genus as well as the wood anemone A. nemorosa.[5]  from Wikipedia.  

WMsweet anemone

Sweet Anemone watercolor

Have a blessed and sweet Sunday

peace n abundance,



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2 Responses to “a new watercolor painting and I Won a giveaway”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Your anemones are called windflowers, but “our” sea anemones are called that because their tentacles seem to “wave in the wind” of the ocean currents!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    I bet they are amazing to see.


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