I rented a borrowedlenses and ‘stirred it up’ on a little roadtrip or two

on a little roadtrip or two,

Went out lookin for ponies and watching my honey fish with this great big Series L Lens, you know one of those big white ones you see all the photogs on TV  use.   You just really wish you could get your hands on one of those.  Just to see the difference between, big money lenses and what you have on your camera (even tho you love them to no-ends)

Well I rented one and for 2 days I got to play in my backyard……


❧ I saw a pony ❧


“Shade” this pony was headed for

❧I saw my reflection early in the morning time❧

My own reflection

‘My own reflection, underneath the:’

the disseminating Luna Moon 75%

the disseminating ‘Luna Moon’ 75%

❧I saw my honey fishing in the first still waters we could find❧❧

early morn on the 'Costilla Creek'

early morn on the ‘Costilla Creek’

❧with a golondrina dancing above the waters,❧

golondrina dancing

‘golondrina dancing’

❧while a gackle watched it all.❧



❧I saw some different kind of sheep or maybe they are goats❧

three wooly goats

‘three wooly goats’

❧and then I saw a baby❧

and then I saw a baby way out in the meadow with her Mama

and then I saw a baby way out in the meadow with her Mama

and a friend indeed

“a friend indeed”

❧his Mama too❧

How many legs can you see?

“How many legs can you see?”



I saw swishy tails everywhere

I saw swishy tails everywhere

swishy tails everywhere

“swishy”  tails everywhere”

❧Mares watching,❧

Aunties Watching Over

“Aunties Watching Over”



this way hita

“this way hita”

ever watchful

“ever watchful”

"on watch"

“on watch”

"lead mare watches"

“lead mare watches”

 checkin me out

checkin’ me out

swishy-tails n flys

swishy-tails n flys

shakin it all off n the flys too

shakin’ it all off n the flys too

all settled again

all settled again

❧❧❧❧ I guess stirrin’ it up is what I do….❧

Hope you enjoyed the story line, especially the pony part.  I came full circle right now.

Putting this altogether:

from loving horses all my life

to loving where I live

to have the opportunity

of writing a little photo book

Just an idea

peace n abundance,


for these and all entertaining media,

please check out my Etsy shop over here and








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4 Responses to “I rented a borrowedlenses and ‘stirred it up’ on a little roadtrip or two”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I had no idea you could rent camera lenses! How cool, especially if you’re in the market and want to try one out.

    The photos are just marvelous. My favorite is of your honey fishing – it’s so full of feeling. The horses are lovely, too – especially the babies and all the swishy tails!


  2. composerinthegarden Says:

    CheyAnne, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award; i always enjoy visiting your blog. Feel free to respond as you please, no obligation implied. You can see it here at http://composerinthegarden.com/2012/08/07/the-gift-of-inspiration/


  3. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Oh yeah it was so fun trying out that lens and I have to agree about that photo. The whole place was peaceful and beautiful, just waking up


  4. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    thank you I will check it out. I wish I blogged more


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