to my friend Debbie Flood from Maine

who will be coming soon back to New Mexico.  I met Debbie about a year ago now and it has been so very fun getting to know her life through her art and her humor on line.  And now she is soon to be on her way back to Angel Fire, New Mexico for her second showing of original watercolor paintings of wonderful, stunning in colors and emotion Equine Art.

Here are some images of our sagebrush colt one year older.

sagebrush colt 2012

sagebrush colt 2012


sage pony yearling

sage pony yearling, now at least 3yrs


isn’t he just beautmus?  I think he is just glorious

Sage Colt kickin dust

Sage Colt kickin dust


sagebrush drybrush colt

sagebrush drybrush colt


and then one just for fun…….

Kickin Moonlight Dust

Kickin Moonlight Dust


I watched so many wild horses today on my computer and I am sooo keyed up to go out to Moreno Mustang Sanctuary on Saturday.  What a kick it will be to see you again, but to go experience wild horses as they live and move about freely, without too much people interaction.  I might even have a different lens to check out.

Just thought I’d say Hola from the Land of Enchantment

peace n abundance,





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