in lOVE again…painting “Sugar”, spring in the Meadow

of Apple trees all in bloom.

I’ve been so, so busy working in town, building our second dome, starting mini-gardens and PAINTING…..

my second painting of “Ponies in Meadows” series.

All my life I’ve been heading here, dreaming of here, manifesting my life here, and painting what I love:

"azúcar / Sugar" on my deck

So now all she needs is to get her picture taken by Barry Norris Studio, a world class professional  printing studio,

"Sugar" in the Springtime Orchard


along with his sister “Springtime She Cardinal”  so prints can be numbered or not.  Not sure what the  pros and cons of all that are just yet.

Won’t be long and if you would like to purchase either painting, please let me know through my email here on my etsy links and I will take $25. off either or both if you purchase both at the same time., original painting when you mention this comment (first come first serve).

Sugar and Cardinal SpringTime WaterColours


peace n abundance,


I hope your spring is as magical as mine.


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4 Responses to “in lOVE again…painting “Sugar”, spring in the Meadow”

  1. sandy Says:

    Wow, CheyAnne, I guess you are busy! It sounds like you are creating beauty everywhere. What could be better?


  2. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    you got that right


  3. shoreacres Says:

    I’m suddenly curious – I’ve never seen that phrase “coffee roaster” in your header photo! Is that an occupation, a hobby, or just your way of guaranteeing a really, really good cup of coffe?

    “Sugar” is nice. She (he?) isn’t my thing, like the color blue. Still, it’s so well done, and will surely delight someone.


  4. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Yeap for 3 years now. We roast our own coffee here in LamaDamaDingDong. We buy green beans, mainly from Sumatra and roast them in a pimped out (well, taken apart and reconfigured) popcorn popper. So so so yummy. the freshest you can get. Altho right now I can’t have any because of this heartburn thing I am curing myself.
    Not into horse hey? I have been since I can remember. How is your little cardinal? I love her so much, but Sugar is right up there in my heart
    Have a beautiful Friday Linda.


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