Remember When…

I talked about lamination of my prints and how easy it is to frame them this way.  Wellllll….  I sold a really big hugh 30×40 inches photograph of my Old Blue Chevy with the WaterTank..

Talk about exciting….., to sell something this big was a gas!!!!  And then when I told her about having it laminated, she was all for it, as long as the colors didn’t suffer.

Me and My Old Blue Chevy with WaterTank as a 30x40


And She LOVES it, hers that is.     “Super love this amazing photo! We are very happy with the lamination process, you barely know it’s there. This photo is awesome this large, and is the focal piece of our country chic master bedroom!!! Photos to follow soon :)) Thanks CheyAnne!”  Is her feedback.

and she also told me

“Received my print yesterday and it is stunning!!!! I cant wait to hang it. I can’t tell if it is laminated or not, but the front feels texturally different from the back. If this is the lamination, it beautifully preserves the photo!”

It was so gorgeous really big like this,  ssooo……Me and my honey had to have one too!

You can touch them and love them and they can withstand lots of elements.  All archival and wonderful to behold.

I taped it onto the wall with clear packing tape and plan on fitting molding right on top of the tape, to make it look like a standard, altho Very Large frame with a back, but it won’t need any backing.  We did notice that when you take it out of the container you better have a super flat big area to unroll it and hang it right away.  It can get kinks in it and so far those little mistakes look like part of the bangs and dings in the old truck, but I wouldn’t want one in the sky.  It would probably show up too easily.  So we hung it right away.

Leonardo is so in love with this one, he can't wait for the next one.

We think it will be this one

old teal blue Chevy rusty

or maybe

Old Blue Chevy in the Field


and I really like this view

Old Blue Chevy in the Snow


Are there any of them that are your favorite?  I could do this for you too.

Check out my other old trucks on Etsy

Thank you Sarah in Arizona, for making this possible.  It’s definitely a big one for me.



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5 Responses to “Remember When…”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Shoot. I’d have Old Blue Chevy in a Field in a minute – but there’s no wall big enough to put it on! They really do look great in that large size, though. It must be great for you to see them that way!


  2. sandy Says:

    Lucky you to have the old truck handy! My dad had a dark blue 49 dodge with I was small.
    I can’t imagine the new trucks ever looking so good, can you?


  3. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Linda, you got that right. It’s amazing. thanks


  4. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Nope I can’t either Sandy. Hey I have some old dodge pics, did you see them?


  5. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    revisiting this post is fun to see where I saw then and how exciting this still is.


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