A Candy Corn Morning – Glorious Autumn Day

CandyCorn Pueblo Ponies


Ponies that stand out like a beacon to us that love horses…


pony moving thru cottonwoods


if you look closer you will see him looking back too…..

a stallion watching me watching his mares




Candy Corn Leaves and Ponies Backs


Ole' Shop Truck and even older buckboard wagon


First Snow and October Autumn Leaves of Gold


Autumn Gold and Turquoise Blue Windows of Old


Please Don't Throw Rocks in the Pond


thru the aspens there sits a house


that use to house of master of crafts

and this is only half of what I saw on my way to work….. on this fine October Morning outside of Taos, New Mexico in El Prado.




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3 Responses to “A Candy Corn Morning – Glorious Autumn Day”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Favorite? “Through the aspens there sits a house…” Wonderful composition. And look at those skies – and snow – and yellow leaves! Lucky you, to see such things, just on the way to work!


  2. KatiesCameraBlog Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos. 🙂


  3. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Katie, thank you so very much for this and the visit


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