Mountains are always soooo beautiful, as are horses

Durango, Colorado with the "La Platas"


I’ve been trying ot copy a blog I did about this painting back in 2009.  I love this piece.  I Adore this little painting I created one year for Christmas gifts to family and very close friends.  It was fun and inspiring to paint each scene the same, yet different.  I love painting again. And this little guy has become a fast favorite on my Store on Esty

Cerulean BluePurple Pony Watercolor


and horses and mountains speak the same language to me.

I hope you enjoy him and feel free to purchase anyway you can think of to make.  What do you think this magical pony would look good on????

fabric,  business cards???  wall art on Canvas?  give me some ideas and lets see what we come up with.  I’m up to suggestions

The La Plata Mountains over Durango, Colorado Original Watercolour


Thanks for coming here and leaving little bits of nice………

peace n abundance,



Oh Yeah here’s the post I was trying to copy “watercolor mountains”


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2 Responses to “Mountains are always soooo beautiful, as are horses”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I think the mountain watercolor is my favorite of all your work. It’s truly beautiful. I know some people who think mountains are boring – just big piles of rock. They miss the play of light, the change of the seasons, the complexity of the worlds the mountains contain.

    Time for me to go take a look at your shop again!


  2. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Oh Linda I love your visits. I don’t have this listed yet, but I can get pretty much any size if you want one. Just let me know. Thanks for the visits as always, peace n abundance


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