Are you ready or not?

Different people everywhere seem to be talking about fall or autumn as some call it.  I don’t want to call ‘it’ AT all.  I love summer and all the heat and bugs and dryness that comes with it.  The Blue of a Summers Sky

Blue of a Summer Sky

Ants on Sunflowers

Ant on Sunflower

dragonflies and horny toads you can catch in your hands…

glittery dragonfly

scratching his head

Summer elk herds with calves jumping the fences to greener places

grazing elk w young jumping fences for greener places

And then it hits you….. the smell of fall one morning early before the sun has come up, the nip in the air when you close the windows at nightfall.

Fall is just around the corner whether I like it or not?  How about you?  Are you ready or not?

fall fishing in north eastern New Mexico


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2 Responses to “Are you ready or not?”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Oh, am I ready! We won’t have a pretty fall this year, because of the drought. So many trees are losing leaves already, so there won’t be much color. But if rain comes we may have late flowers, and then the cool, cool air. You can smell it coming.

    Your blue flower reminds me of my grandmother’s batchelor buttons – she had pink, white and blue, but the blue were my favorite. And just today we had 1.75″ of rain! Afterward, I saw dragonflies. You know they have to be happy!

    You know horny toads like red ants, right? If that’s a red ant on your sunflower, he’d better be careful!


  2. Teresa Says:

    I’m ready! Your photography is awesome.


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