the peas are a poppin

And we gardened this weekend.  It feels so good to have done this and get ready for the next stage, the fun part. The time of planting, of having my hands in the wonderful, moist, beautiful Earth

peas a poppin

peas a poppin

wild clover

wild clover

daffodil w snow

daffodil w snow

Just a few springtime images to enjoy tomorrow….

peace n abundance,


Nice reminder that gardening is something to love, to cherish the moments when my hands are in the soil and my head is in the air.

check it out


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6 Responses to “the peas are a poppin”

  1. Chigiy Binell Says:

    I love your beautiful photos and painting.


  2. rose Says:

    My first pea plantings are *just* starting to sprout. So I started my second row this past weekend. It’s *so* exciting! And thanks for the mention ~ appreciate it! Peace.


  3. shoreacres Says:

    I do envy your garden. I’d love to have a space, but life as an apartment dweller’s going to keep me a farmers’ market customer.

    I hope you’ve had some rain. We’ve still not had a drop – over eight inches behind, now. It will come. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll have something else to write about. 😉


  4. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Yes, yes we finally got moisture in the form of snow. Wet, Sticky, Moist, Snow. It actually never stopped snowing on Sunday and eventually it stuck. We woke to a winter wonderland. I’ve very thankful. I wish you had space for a garden as well, but farmers markets are quite wonderful too. Thanks for coming by


  5. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    You betcha. It’s not much, but your blog just really struck a cord in me about loving gardening. Yes I need to get another row in as well. We’ve been dumped on by snow so now I need to wait another day or two to let it rest before I start planting again, but at least we have it all ready to go. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment


  6. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Thank you so much and for leaving a comment


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