My very first textured photo

Well I finally did it.  I really don’t know why I haven’t tried textures yet.  I mean I’ve been playing around with Photo Shop Elements since number 6 and I’m on 9.  so that means at least 5 years. I kinda think that I might get addicted and spend even more time on this computer thing I love so much.  I’m beginning to believe that maybe it’s not healthy how much I want to do on this thing.

first textured image

I’ve always been drawn to computers from the git go.  Back in the early 80’s when Apple’s where making there way into schools and such, I insisted that my husband (at that time) spend his 401k on an Apple Macintosh for our then young children.  And it paid off too. My eldest Jacob, is now a radioman for a fast attack sub in the US Navy, which is all about computers.  My youngest son, Benjamin is now (yeah, finally) going to school for computers up in Washington.  Now just to get my daughter to make the leap.


So watching a video over on Kim Klassen Cafe yesterday made layers and textures look so easy. I tried it this morning and with my own texture too.

little grape hyacinth

little grape hyacinth

waterpane texture

water-pane texture

These pictures I took yesterday during a massive, hard hail and rain storm we had here in New Mexico.  We really, really need the moisture.

I think I’ll go try some more.


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2 Responses to “My very first textured photo”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I love the textured photos. I swear, I need to either retire, gt more disciplined or do both, so I can learn how to do some of this stuff!

    The photos are beautiful. I went over to the site you mentioned and looked around. Maybe, maybe… I’ve got Elements 6. After my computer crash I didn’t put it back on, but maybe I should reinstall the program and start using it. Sigh.

    And you got some rain! Oh, we are burning up here – truly. I see some of NM has red flag warnings again today. A few fires are more contained, but we haven’t seen a drop in weeks and weeks. It’s bad.

    I wonder if I could learn to do a fire texture? 😉


  2. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Like I said, It has taken me years to even try it. but it’s all about having two photos. One is your main image and the other is the texture image. You can actually pull the textured onto the screen with the main image (which I had never tried) and then changing the opacity of the texture image and then……. the magic (well that’s what I call it now) eraser tool. All you pretty much do is wipe off the texture layer with the eraser to reveal the underneath. So Yes you can do a fire image, but be careful saying that out loud, especially right now. We did get a couple of inches of the white stuff this morning and it’s nice and damp and very cold here in northern New Mexico. But for how long is the real question….. Wonderful hearing from you Linda. And reboot that PSE 6 and give it a try. I can send you the exact link that helped me figure it out, if you’s like.


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