Pansies After the Rain’ tutorial

I Love Pansies and here are a few from my favorite planter taken just yesterday. We had a wonderful hard drenching rain here in North Eastern New Mexico, in our little corner of heaven.  Rain is always soooo refreshing…… and sweet  Ꮺ ❀❃✿❉ Ꮺ…

Pansies After the Rain

Pansies After the Rain

this⤴ photo came from this ⤵ photo:

Original Pansies After the Rain

In PhotoShop Elements 6.0 for Mac’s, I used:

Enhance ,

Adjust Lighting ,

brightness +69% , and

+100% contrast .

and then…. after I saved it, I UnDid ⤶  that,   and tryed this instead:

Vintage Feel of Pansies After the Rain

which is just:

Enhance  ,

Adjust Lighting , and

-50% contrast .

Which one do you like better?

I love hearing what you think and have to say.  Even tho I don’t always respond as much and as quickly as maybe might be cool,  I do love hearing your thoughts and insights into my creative processes.

Here are a few just for fun:❉⤵

Cyan, Turquoise Butterfly Art

Cyan, Turquoise Butterfly Art


Glowing Diamonds of Rain on Yard Art

I will post these to my RedBubble site for purchase

as always,

Peace n Abundance,


Look for a watercolor soon


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6 Responses to “Pansies After the Rain’ tutorial”

  1. burstmode Says:

    The art of turning images into art is fascinating. I like the Turquoise Butterfly one best.


  2. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    thanks girl


  3. Donna MacDonald Says:

    Thanks for sharing your creative process – very cool.
    I like the first image in both examples best. The bumble bee is he perfect focus point in the second picture.


  4. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    thank you Donna, photography is sooooo fun isn’t it? thanks for the comment


  5. Christine Marsh Says:

    Shining CheyAnne,

    My favorite is: Vintage Feel of Pansies After the Rain
    Photoshop is such an amazing tool!
    Have a magnificent day!
    Creative Christine


  6. newmexicomtngirl Says:

    Thank you Christine. I recognize you from twitter. I really appreciate you stopping by my blog


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