From Life off the Grid, Happy New Year

a setting December 25th, 2007 Full Moon n Hawk

With all the building, moving out of a rental house, setting up house in a small overhead camper thru the summer, storing the extra house stuff, working, living, playing, fishing, blogging, taking photos, reading, gardening, watering, collecting water to water with, harvesting, storing, insulating the dome, moving into the dome, cooking in the dome, heating the dome, stopping any leaks that we hadn’t planned on in the dome, collecting firewood, then giving in and buying chopped and ready to burn from local wood cutters (because that takes A LOT of precious time  away from other projects), setting up this small internet connection, surfing the internet, working with two solar panels and two solar batteries, learning the ins and outs of a generator that runs on gasoline for those rainy/ snowy days without enough sunshine to power up the batteries, eating, crying (once in a while out of frustration and just plain ol’ crying for cryings sake),  traveling to see my children in Seattle, painting the dome, furnishing the dome, putting in a window, building a door out of the screen door, figuring out the pros and cons of a poop-pot, cleaning that stuff that happens every day from the poop-pot, cooking with the wood stove and trying out new recipes, feeding the birds, fixing things that break, drawing, designing, figuring, making money to  fund this life style (which is WAY better than paying rent to someone else’s pocket)(and cheaper too), shoveling snow, keeping a cooler full of food from freezing, sleeping, loving, giving, to saying our prayers of Abundance, Peace, Love, Health, Happiness, Jing, and Thank You for all we already have.


I hope everyone who reads this now and in the furture has a very wonderful New 2010 Year,

CheyAnnski the bushgirl, cause she lives and loves in the bush……..

P.s. don’t forget the second full moon this month,

December 31st, 2009/2010

they call that a Blue Moon don’t they?

as the moon set, the hawk stayed still, Dec. 25th 2007


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13 Responses to “From Life off the Grid, Happy New Year”

  1. thelocalguide Says:

    really nice pair of photos!


  2. Barbara Says:

    Oh girl! I can so-o-o relate! I homesteaded in the Arkansas Boston Mountains for 8 years and did nearly all of what you list. We had a 5 gallon bucket for our “poop-pot”. I called it the ‘yucket’! We cut a piece of pipe insulation to surround the top of it and cushion it so it didn’t hurt so much to sit on. We dug a huge deep hole far from the house and covered it with a panel of plywood to keep critters from falling into it–that’s where we dumped the ‘yucket’ every day. Not a pleasant chore but, hey!–you gotta do what you gotta do!

    Whew! I’m out of breath just reading your list of things to do!


  3. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    Barbara, That is going to be our bucket’s new name. I like that, because that is exactly what it is “YUCKY”. We have figured out that by keeping the urine seperate from the other it doesn’t get quite as smelly and apparently the poop disinergrates faster, from what we here anyway.
    Happy New Year to you too


  4. shoreacres Says:

    CheyAnne, it’s just so funny to hear you describe your life. The parallels between homesteading and living and cruising on a boat are amazing.

    I did some years of part-time in the country – cabin, woodstove for heat, gravity fed water pumped from a spring, etc – and really appreciate how much work it is. Since I was only part time and on 23 acres of land, the motto was “The shovel is your friend” 😉

    Happy New Year to you – and I found out about the blue moon! I thought it was the second full moon in a month, but that’s a pretty new understanding – maybe 50 years or so. Some say the blue moon is the third moon in a season that has four – each three month season should have three full moons, but that extra pops up.

    Anyhow, this is the Blue Moon for New Years – I hope you get to bathe in its light and that it lights a path to a wonderful year for you!


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  6. Soe Says:

    Nice photo.. and a good read.. 🙂
    Thanks for the blue moon.. I read about it in the paper only a few days afterwards…
    Happy New Year


  7. Wilmer Vacher Says:

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  8. Mohammad Oakland Says:

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  9. iphone Fan Says:

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  10. international tv online Says:

    I may be a bit late, never the less happy new year!! Best wishes!!


  11. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    yeah for a while it seemed like it was everything, and it was special


  12. Paul G Says:

    Hi there. Nice blog and photos.

    I’ve been living in a small self-built earth hut on the mesa for 4 years now and it becomes more enjoyable every year. It was so crazy and different and challenging at first, but this is how we change. To find a new normal we need to take chances, but before too long, the sun starts to rise on what was at first a dark scary lonely and untraveled road.

    Best wishes to you in your geodesic.


  13. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    Paul, you are so right about living off-the-grid, it can be soooo different. this is the way I have always wanted to live. there is always something new and different around every corner


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