sitting here wanting to write

something, anything……

It’s like all the creativeness has been zapped out of me by all the other things going on right now.  We, Len and I have been so extremely busy this summer and fall and now winter.  I haven’t taken any pictures of anything lately and when I do they just don’t turn out right.  Not quite sure why that is right now other than the fact, there is just WAY too much going in other directions.

So we moved in to our geodesic dome home up here in the north-east corner of New Mexico and it is soooo madingly wonderful that words can’t even describe what it feels like to work so physically hard and have it turn out so incredible.  It’s all about ABUNDANCE and saying our prayers after we’ve been blessed, which is a lot.  And more happens and keeps happening and sometimes it is just overwhelming in the quickness of thought and ABUNDANCE.  Magical, wonderful and delirious all rolled into one big heart smile/grin

happy girlo

happy girlo

Like right now I get up to answer a call and ‘dejavu’, I’ve been here before.  Everything is as it should be.


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6 Responses to “sitting here wanting to write”

  1. burstmode Says:

    You wrote; it turned out good! Cute photo and can’t wait to see photos of the house.


  2. shoreacres Says:

    I remember what it felt like after hurricane Ike. I kept writing, but it felt like I was having to pull a plow through a muddy field myself to do it.

    All of the energy was drained aware by just life – it will come back. And sometimes “just life” is the raw material for later creativity.

    So glad to hear you’re in your new home. Like burstmode, I’ll look forward to photos, whenever….


  3. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    Oh Burstmode, Thank you for that. I just had to get something going on here. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve even dug out a point and shoot to make it easier in this little space, so keep your fingers crossed. Soon,


  4. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    Thank you so much shoreacres for your words and yes it does feel like I’m having to dig and dig just to come come up with ideas, either for writing or photography. I do have faith in the cycle of creativity and know it will come back. I appreciate your words of encouragement right now, sometimes it really helps to know these things happen to others too. Thanks again. I’ve pulled out a point and shoot, so that should help in this small space.
    Abundance, CheyAnne


  5. Barbara Says:

    CheyAnne, I’ve been there, done that–still doing it! Life seems to zap that creativity that we thought was always a part of us! It’ll pass!

    I’d love to see photos of the new house!


  6. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    Thanks Barbara. I get little pings of it and I know it’ll come back. Thanks for the encouragement. As soon as I take some photos I’ll post em


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