first vegatable garden in years

I love gardening, and back when I lived in one place that I could actually call home, without wondering when I’ll have or need to leave, I had a beautiful garden.  Mostly flowers and in the last few years before we moved I had started to attempt veggies.  So this is an awesome feeling getting to take photos of our new veggie garden.

May 28th garden start

May 28th garden start

garden w flag

garden w flag

our peas went in a couple of weeks ago and then I got so busy that I haven’t had time or the weather has just been to rainy to get out in.  so today I planted spinach, cucs, radishs, lettuce, beans and a couple of potted plants I bought. one is a white lavender (never grew that before) and a beautiful purple/blue slavia.


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5 Responses to “first vegatable garden in years”

  1. Nye Says:

    Lovely garden you’ve, the flag is a great idea. I also plant peas this year, and they start to climb on my A Frame (trellis), with a little help. It has been raining a lot here also, the dirt made the plants look dirty, but it looks like you’ve put some straw down, does that help any?


  2. Serendipitouslife Says:

    Very interesting veggi-farm you have there. In a couple of months the ground would be covered.

    Do you use store-bought seeds for most of vegetables?

    We normally just plant whatever we eat. And since the veggies & fruits we get here are almost all imported, our produce is very eclectic.


  3. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    nye, yes the straw does help with keeping the plants cleaner and also great mulch for this hot sunshine @ 8000 ft up. I’m hoping the jute I strug up will support peas and beans. We’ll see

    serendip, yes we do buy store bought seeds but this year we are going to try our corn from last year. Len let some of the ears stay longer on the stalk last year and then hung them in the camper over the winter. I tried some in a pot earlier and nothing came of them, but the soil has to be pretty hot for corn to do its thing so thats my next project is some corn rows.


  4. rvewong Says:

    Great looking country for a house and garden. Planning to stay long?


  5. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    OOOhhh Yeah


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