have you tagged yourself

do you add your own name in your tags and if so as I do, it’s quite cool to see a whole page devoted to ‘you’  and then when you google yourself thats fun too. I once took up the first 95 pages of google (need to check that again)


my newest selfportrait

my newest selfportrait

here’s a link that wordpress came up with about google knowing we like to google ourselves



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3 Responses to “have you tagged yourself”

  1. Otto Mann Says:

    googling yourself sounds dirty.

    But I shall perhaps try to add my name to the tags. Not a bad idea!


  2. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    well otto mann give it a try and see. also check out the link wordpress and myself added after your comment. I find the more I use my name, more people will find me and someday the people with all the money will notice what beautiful photography I take and won’t be able to live with out it because my name is EVERYWHERE. (and I take awesome wonderful photographs) ❣❧


  3. 3bdigitalart Says:

    Didn’t know you could tag yourself! Hmmmm……..and thanks for the link! Cool!


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