The GREEN Chair pencil sketch



original pencil sketch scanned from my sketch book

great contrast

great contrast

then I added contrast in photoshop, you can see all the bumps in the paper being scanned

red, yellow chair, waterpaper

red, yellow chair, waterpaper

playing around further in photoshop

what do you think?  each one is kinda cool…….


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2 Responses to “The GREEN Chair pencil sketch”

  1. serendipitouslife Says:

    Thank you CheyAnne for stopping by my blog.

    Wow, i’m most pleasantly surprised to view your contents. The most interesting aspect about your chair sketch is the chosen angle.

    Now, i’m tempted to pick up my charcoal and pastels again after a decade of stashing them in my art-supplies cupboard.
    Thank you for the inspiration.


  2. strandkorb Says:

    I have no surprise about it. What is the respiratory thing in this?


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