Next Door treasury featured

and I’m in it.  put together by Retubega in her shop Peaches & Kream, where you’ll find a variety of sterling jewelry and needle-felted items. I’m not sure what needle felt is but they sure look cute.  check it out, mine is the ‘door to the old chevy pickup’

featured in a treasury called Next Door

featured in a treasury called Next Door


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2 Responses to “Next Door treasury featured”

  1. Georgia Says:

    all wonderful! i like that yours is the only vehicle door and not a door on a building. great collage!


  2. shoreacres Says:

    Hi, CheyAnne,

    I’ve spent time tonight finally browsing your site – such wonderful photos and water colors!

    Your door is great… I’d never heard of Etsy. Of course, I pretty much live under a rock, so there you are.

    I envy you all your years of photography – I’m just beginning to have a sense of how wonderful it can be. I just came back from a trip to Mississippi with a few photos I really like – the best from nature are up on my blog now.

    I’ll be dropping a comment or two on some other posts. I especially liked the magpies and your watercolor of the California poppies.


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