watercolor seapony

watercolor seapony

watercolor seapony

just a doodle that turned into a little painting.

I have prints of him for sale @


or   http://newmexicomtngirl.etsy.com


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6 Responses to “watercolor seapony”

  1. WildBlack Says:

    WoWW!! Thats a cool thing to do. Amazing! I love the other painting of yours. that one is just too good. But this one is a totally different style and very interesting subject too.
    I do paint and sketch a little bit but nothing like what you do. Actually I used to sketch..long back..Have a look


  2. dailyplanetprincess Says:

    This is FANTASTIC! You have some serious talent girl…I am w-a-y jealous!


  3. Laughing Orca Ranch Says:

    What a fun ‘doodle’! Stunning, really!

    Thanks for visiting me on my blog and leaving such a nice comment. You mentioned Arnica. Yes, I’ve been taking Arnica (via mouth, in the form of little pellets 30C) ever since my surgery. Good stuff. I credit it for taking away the swelling so fast, for sure.

    Thanks again and have a beautiful week,


  4. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    yeah I loved the post about your pony being ridden by your friend Val. She didn’t like it one little bit until she realized she wasn’t boss anymore and then she relaxed. I could totally see it in her and good for you to see it too. I’m new to your post but maybe you’re new to a horse or no do I have that wrong? anyway…. great blog.
    The Arnica comes in a soothing gel also and should relieve the bruising almost, not quite, over night. I’ve used it in a bad wreck and didn’t bruise where my sterum was broke by a seatbelt, but underneath where it didn’t hurt as much I bruised bad.
    And then what about the reflexology? I’m thinking about your leg, or something that hurts you but doctors aren’t sure why cause they can’t FIND anything? It really can work like one of your other commenters said something about our minds are our biggest healers.


  5. Laughing Orca Ranch Says:

    I’ve not yet been able to find the gel locally, or I would have loved to try it. I may just have to break down and order some online. The pellets have worked wonderfully, though.
    I’m not new to horses, just new to horse ownership. I bought my first horse last year. I’ve had my mare for over a year now. I had to wait until I was in my 40’s for my own horse, even though I’ve ridden lesson horses, dude ranch and rental horses, and ridden with friends over the years since I was a little girl.
    I had my first fall on Christmas Eve…and it was a doozy. I had knee reconstruction surgery for a severed ACL and damaged minisci in January. I was healing up rather nicely. But while I was doing routine stuff with my mare, she freaked out and pulled backwards, breaking the welds on the pipe railing fence and causing them to slam into me and knock me to the ground.
    Now I can’t walk again. I don’t think my ACL has been ripped from it’s moorings, but the doctor thinks I may have a bone bruise, a strain, sprain, or even a fracture.
    I’ll have to wait to see.
    I’ve had reflexology done on me several times. I don’t particularly like it, as I have some arthritis in my hands and my feet are very sensitive. I get growly when people mess with my feet. lol!

    Thanks again for visiting my blog. Have a beautiful week.
    Where are you located in New Mexico?


  6. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    whoa that sounds pretty bad. I’m happy you got your own horse tho. She is a beauty. Her name is Baby Doll right?
    Yeah from what I understand the feet and hands have the nerve endings or the conductors for the rest of our body and the reason its hurts is because those are the spots that are all tied up which is causing you pain in the outer part where you relate to it first hand. My honey has had this strange thing with his bowel blocking up for as long as he can remember and one time it got really really bad and ‘he’s such a man’ that he wanted to heal it himself, which I agree with, but then again, when you are in that kind of pain…. ouch!!!yyyy!! anyway this book had just come into my life for my own feet issues and I looked up the bowel, found those spots on his feet and let me tell you. IT HURT when I found the knot and put pressure on it, but he hasn’t had a n act up since. I’m not a healer by any means, but it does call to me and I do seem to zero in on some things that help sometimes. these are only meant in good gesture and friendship cause it sucks when anyone hurts especially from an innocent thing like riding your very own pony (smiling big) you are lucky and blessed. keep positive and I apologize if I stepped on any feelings at all.
    peace n mucho abundance
    ps you should be able to find the gel at Walmart or a good pharmacy
    northeastern New Mexico out of Taos, Land of Enchantment (it’s true)


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