it’s been long in coming

springtime that is………..

and you know it’s finally here when you get to go fishin’ on the Red.

len fishin the red finally

len fishin the red finally

I was excited to finally get out and you can tell cause I wasn’t ready and just started snapping away.  this is obviously ‘feeling the spring air’.

I have wanted spring this year more than most years.  I think because we were down south in Mexico 2000 miles in December and January where is was HOT.  Then come back here to cold and then almost warm enough to be spring back in Febuary and then turn a 180 with winter back in our face and cold, snowy days.  Heck for the last 5 solid stragiht mornings we have woken to spring snows over night.  And it is magical don’t get me wrong,  but I am so itchy for springtime warmth and the wonderful colors of spring

oh yeah I do see it……



I am always amazed at the colors that are bursting out of twigs and sticks,

colors hidden within their winterness,

to wait for the warmth of the longer light

warming their depths of sap,

maybe thats where the colors waits

to be shown under heavy  spring storms of wet cold snow

Flag Mountain in north-eastern New Mexico

Flag Mountain in north-eastern New Mexico

Len in the willows

Len in the willows


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7 Responses to “it’s been long in coming”

  1. iheartfilm Says:

    I really like that second shot. It has a real coolness about it – very nice early morning capture.


  2. Heidi Rafferty Says:

    Wow. All I can say is … wow!
    You know what … although the photos are gorgeous (gorgeous!), what I love most about this particular blog entry are your words.
    Did you mean for those words to become a poem? Because that’s how they read.
    Such beauty … just lifts my spirits in such a miraculous way today.
    Thank you.


  3. Lo Says:

    Just so completely amazing. Poetry through the camera lens…really spectacular. Thanks for sharing the beauty that is your world.

    All good things…


  4. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    thanks for that. It was an awesome evening and I’m so glad that the colors really popped on capture too.


  5. giiid Says:

    My favorite is the first shot. It can tell many different stories, depending on the viewer.


  6. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    what a lovely thing to say. I feel blessed to have been able to share with others what I see or feel


  7. WildBlack Says:

    Walla!! The first two pics are classy..They look like paintings. Amazing work! Btw nice to meet your blog.


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