want to write a post

but I have so much going on.  I joined  1000Markets.com today. I up loaded 20 images and have to get approval.  It looks kinda like etsy.com which I’ve been exploring since 2007 and really added photography to in March of ’08.

Now I found RedBubble.com again, so I’m off to check that out, but I’ll leave you with one of the photos I uploaded to http://nmexicomtngirl.1000Markets.com

(had to change my screen name, shorten it anyway) pooy, one more name to remember

tres anemones

tres anemones

still life on my windowsill.

did you know that anemone, Latin word, means ‘daughter of the wind’, ‘windflower’  because apparently they don’t bloom without the wind

—-dictionary on my MacBookPro


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One Response to “want to write a post”

  1. TauFan! Says:

    hi, thx 4 coming to my photoblog..

    you’ve got nice photoblog..


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