I take up 92 pages on Google.com

what exactlly do I do next?

I’ve taken the beautiful photos, I’ve sold them on etsy.com, I’ve created a gallery @ DPChallenge.com and entered one photo contest there, I’ve entered odd and even contests too. I’ve photostreamed my fingers off at Flickr.com and felt like sometimes I was wasting my time but, lovin every minute of it .  I’ve created a web site http://cheyanne.smugmug.com where I can sell my beautiful photos.  I’ve googled myself and when you put my name into one word ‘ cheyannesexton’ I found out I take up 92 pages on Google.com (pretty cool I think).

Now how in the f>*% do I sell my beautiful photos?

glasslike purple crocus

glasslike purple crocus


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3 Responses to “I take up 92 pages on Google.com”

  1. douglas34 Says:

    I would say . . . you’re almost there. I liked sunset in New Mexico, summer porch, and stream shots. What I thought to be missing was “the hook,” something to grab me emotionally or surprise me aesthethically.

    I should have known exactly where in New Mexico, or in what town I might find that porch, so I may fantasize about going there (via your photo) until I actually get there.

    Your food shots neither made me wish to eat them, nor were they so unusual (fried insects on a stick) to cause repulsion and contemplation; they just technically clean.

    Catch your subjects in pensive, extra gleeful or painful moments, or in such unusual positions to cause me think hmmm? Try some filters, some wide angle and other lenses that give you unusual perspectives.

    I enjoyed perusing your work. I talk to much . . . have a good day 🙂


  2. Barbara Says:

    I know what you mean! Although I don’t have that many Google pages (I only have 7) :(….still I wonder what we have to do to actually SELL something? I’ve been told Flickr is the best, yet you’re not lucky there, either, so why should I join and put in all that effort for nothing?
    I’ve been told that RedBubble, Imagekind, and Zazzle are supposed to be great selling sites. Yet, photographers say they don’t sell anything there–it just sits on the site for months and months with no sales.
    So, is it the economy of late? Who knows. But, I do know it is frustrating!


  3. everlookphotography Says:

    I guess photography is not as widely appreciated as other art forms, so it gets a little more difficult to market it. Look at it this way – anyone can go buy a camera these days, and shoot. Not necessarily very skilfully, but they don’t think that, do they? On the other hand, not everyone can paint, or draw, or whatever is construed traditionally as ‘artistic’.

    I found this to be the case as well when I started to become serious about photography. In the end, I thought – am I trying to make a living out of this, or am I just trying to share my photographic journey? The answer for me is the second one; whilst I would LIKE to make money from it, it’s a hobby, and as long as I enjoy it, does anything else matter? =)


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