Justice, once a wild pony

now he’s going to be famous.  Check out this site about Justice a wild mustang that will now be in the inaugural parade in 2 days http://springcreekwild.wordpress.com/

he came from the spring creek basin wild horse herd which I just found out is by my old stomping grounds in southwest Colorado.

here is a better link to Justice http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/prog/wild_horse_and_burro/news/inaugural_parade_horses.html

beautiful eyes of a pony

beautiful eyes of a pony

this is one of the ponies in my neighborhood

he looks so proud

he looks so proud

here is another.  He is an Arabian gelding that my landlord bought last year.  I’ll have to get his name

little spotted one

little spotted one

I took this ones picture up in Durango last year

swishy tail

swishy tail

I just like this one


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2 Responses to “Justice, once a wild pony”

  1. fikalo Says:

    that spotted foal is so cute!!


  2. plrang Says:

    Artistic framing/croppin sometimes isn’t welcome at stock sites BUT as always everything depends of QUALITY of the SUBJECT, technical quality, true artistic quality and worse – at the end – opinion of the stock site stuff. They’re not always aware.. but sometimes they ARE 😉


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