I have sooo many great ones…

ooh-la-wee  bougainvillaea

ooh-la-wee bougainvillaea

this wonderful, goregous, brilliant plant was gracing all of the Mexico we went thru and  this one  is now my newest screen-saver

waiting for the tide

waiting for the tide

just love this one and if you look at this site info@photomaggisol.com and look under her Mazatlán album, towards the back, in black and white you will find a totally different view of the same chair, in exactly the same spot.  Cool huh?

we met right after that ( different post to come)

water lily in Lo de Marcos, Mexico

water lily in Lo de Marcos, Mexico

I can’t resist purple and we were shacked up in the same spot for a few days so I was able to explore a little more.

The unforunate part was that these cute little ponds were surronded by a fence and so this was as close as I could get at the time

ocean foam in the beautiful light of suset

ocean foam in the beautiful light of suset

I don’t know, what do you think?


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3 Responses to “I have sooo many great ones…”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Beautiful! I especially love the image of the water lily. I’m a sucker for purple, too! 🙂


  2. Barbara Says:

    Thank you for permission to play with the water lily photo. I just might do that! 🙂


  3. Robert Burcul Says:

    Hi CheyAnne ,now I do understand how much you miss the ocean , you have some truly wonderful photographs…waiting for the tide really speaks to me on a deeper level…thanks


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