just some random…….

P H O TO G R AP H Y::::::::::>>>>>>>>…………………..

random cattails

random cattails

I took these a few years ago up in Angel Fire, New Mexico and I just love the colors

if only they could talk

if only they could talk

this was something I couldn’t resist

tall purple

tall purple

purple flowers, also from

Angel Fire, New Mexico


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4 Responses to “just some random…….”

  1. shadowshift Says:

    Cheyanne, Hi. My goodness your site is fantastic. Are these all pictures you have taken and edited yourself? It is great work. Those portraits of the trees with the snow tufts on the branches remind me of New England where I grew up and spent many a winter before heading for warmer climes.

    But there are so many great pics on your first page: the wavelike cloud formations over the hills “if only they could talk” –great song title by the way, keep sending those song titles my way–the first one of Angel (second hard to see on my screen), the tree with the tufts of snow clinging to the branches, “evening song bird”, the lavendar flowers.

    Perhaps we share a taste for colors. I remember your moon pics of a few weeks ago too. Keep it up kid, you’re one of my favorites and I’ll come back sooner this time.



  2. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    shadowshift, thank you soo very much for your words of encouragement


  3. cindydyer Says:

    Love the cloud shot, CheyAnne! Stunning!


  4. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    cindy, thank you. You are right about the tufted part. I felt as I was posting that I was missing something, but in my packing for mexico, i have somehow misplaced my birding bibles (cause they don’t cover mexico), but they are the most joyful little birds.
    and the cloud shot is one I’ve wanted to post for a long time but just because I love them, I’m not sure about others, but then again thats what blogging is about.


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