whats she lookin’ @

whats she lookin' @

whats she lookin' @

I just love coyotes,

right up there with wolves, ponies and hawks…….

It would have been my brothers 47th birthday today, but instead we here on this plane of exisentence just get to drink a toast in rememberance of Michael ‘Dean’ Carmen.

an awesome brother and one of the best of the 5 of us.

I remember reading in a Readers Digest a long time ago about foxes appearing when someone on the other side is thinking of us remembering them.  And anyway I saw this girl first thing this morning and by the time I had my camera out she was already on the move.  They don’t stay in place for long and when you do see one it is very fleeting and really cool.


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2 Responses to “whats she lookin’ @”

  1. photographyiris Says:

    This is a very nice shot…I love the flow (:


  2. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    thank you


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