warning, warning…….

brain on overload

wow these rabbit holes I keep climbing into just go on and on.

but I do love it so

Chester being picked over

Chester being picked over

the other morning I looked out and saw this incredible site.

Chester (thats what my honey calls the big chestnut across the highway), has a whole row of magpies  on his back.    I did a double take cause I thought I wasn’t seeing what I was really seeing.

well I was.

He had about 6 or 7 magpies sitting on his back in the early morning light and they were giving him a good going over.

So I rushed to get my camera (even tho I really just wanted to keep watching) and by the time I got set up there were just these two left.

chester and his magpie friend

chester and his magpie friend


I watched for awhile.

These awesome birds  are picking the burrs  off of him and he’s loving it.

getting a little touchy

getting a little touchy

going my way?

going my way?

cute huh?

and then two days later his owner came and walked him away

I really miss Chester!


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