everywhere I go

I’m going about my business of life and the things I do in the public,  like the gym,  or the grocery,  the Wally-World stroll  (my honey knows everyone, which means a 10 minute shopping trip takes longer cause we stop and chat and I get to meet all the people he grew up with,  or went to school with,  or who knows a Primo or a Tia……. you get the picture).   Anyway. . . . . .     when we get to talking, our trip comes up and people are sooooo into it.   Then the question comes up “How long will you be gone?” or “When will you be back?”  or . . . . .  and then I get to tell them “It is an open ended trip”.!!!


our little library

our little library

To be able to know that this trip is an open ended adventure.

We (Len and I) are driving down thru Mexico from the little town of Agua Prieta on the Mexican side of Douglas, Arizona

mexico roadtrip suggestions

mexico roadtrip suggestions

all the way to Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico in the Yucatan.

Thats why we bought such a great little two-seater from a Craigs List ad by T. Spangler Auto Wholesaler in Alburquerque @ timspagler.com.

So. . . . .  as I’m going about my business,  these people are just awed at the fact that we are taking off to do something most of them only dream of,  and our words to them are  “Just put it out there. Name what you want to do outloud and you will make it happen”.

Thats what I call living the dream.

Our dream anyway.


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5 Responses to “everywhere I go”

  1. maureenj Says:

    Great site Chey Anne.
    Best wishes


  2. jrenphotos Says:

    Awesome. 🙂


  3. jdhays Says:

    Hey, cool site, and sounds like a good trip ahead. Peace.


  4. artpredator Says:

    congratulations on making a run for a road trip like this!

    have a blast and post as you can along the way!


  5. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    ooohhh I can’t hardly wait to get started but a lot of prep goes into this kind of thing (as my honey points out) sometimes I just have no patience when it comes to fun.
    by the way here is a link to a local photographer that also shot that same night of the moon with the two planets
    http://www.geraintsmith.com just thought you might enjoy


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