Frosty Moon of November @ night

Here is the same moon (of course), I mean the night after the morning shots,  I stepped out back and looked up through our HUGE cottonwood to find the moon was already rising

November Frosty-Moon 2008

November Frosty-Moon 2008

pretty cool huh?

Then as I tried to zero in I ended up with flare and lots of moon shine

Frosty Moon of November

Frosty Moon of November

I’ve tried taking pics of  the full moon at night but I just can’t get the detail in the moon itself.  I seem to have much better luck with the moon setting in the morning.

Check out my site over @ to see a card I sell with a hawk silhouetted against the full moon in December of 2007 which also happened to fall on Christmas morning !

S W E E T , huh?

November Moon – Frosty Moon

December Moon – Long Night Moon

January Moon – Wolf Moon

February Moon – Snow Moon

March Moon – Sap Moon

April Moon – Love Moon

May Moon – Milk Moon

June Moon – Strawberry Moon

July Moon – Thunder Moon

August Moon – Green Corn Moon

September Moon – Harvest Moon

October Moon – Hunters Moon


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3 Responses to “Frosty Moon of November @ night”

  1. Paula Says:

    Beautiful photos, what a gift! Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a nice comment. I appreciate it. Keep posting!


  2. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    I love visiting other peoples spaces to see what they do because its so inspiring to me.
    Thank you for the compliment


  3. DD Says:

    The moon picture is attractive


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