the most powerful video of our times: Zeitgeist: Addendum

do I sound like a commercial?  maybe I do, but it would be worth it if only 1% of wordpress bloggers viewed and then passed on this great movie about changing the status quo.


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5 Responses to “the most powerful video of our times: Zeitgeist: Addendum”

  1. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    holy snockers thats a mouthful bro.
    Peace and Abundance to you,


  2. todash19 Says:

    Some people are so afraid of change.

    Especially in a society where asking questions gets you ridiculed.

    If you liked this film, you may like this one as well…

    In Liberty!


  3. Lubbykko Says:

    Good site! Interesting information.. )


  4. Devin Says:

    I’m afraid of change. Literal change. How often does money get cleaned? I say keep your pennies to yourself. This is what I mean.
    Great video by the way. I can’t wait to watch it in its entirety after work.


  5. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    I enjoyed your story about the sock dollar. YUCK… Maybe thats why money gets to looking so old and washed, is because more people see that its not REALLY washed by the gov so we the people do it our selves.
    and heres another movie link that I got from todash19,
    hope you like it . we did and give a visit over to
    thanks for your interest
    peace and abundance


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